Things to consider while buying a flat screen TV

What is the most popular TV for home entertainment nowadays? The simple answer is flat screen TV. You can find them in a wide variety of sizes including screens having 150 inch length and pocket display devices with a couple of inches as well. The flat screen technology is the latest sensation and it is a technology that is going to stay here for a long period of time.

A good number of established TV manufacturers have come up with some of the finest flat screen TV’s and the features and benefits of each model vary according to the technology, price and size. When these types of TVs were first launched into the market, they were really expensive and with the evolution of time, they have become cost effective, especially during the last few years.

What is most significant while taking a decision to purchase?

The main technologies that are being used include Plasma display, LCD and LED. Each type has its own merits and demerits. Some of the most vital factors to consider while making a purchase are price, consumption of power, manufacturer warranty, durability and the quality of image.

Fix a budget before you start shopping: When it comes to cost, purchasing a high quality flat screen TV can never be described as a small investment. You have to take into consideration some additional expenses for installation and also for purchasing extra components such as DVD and DVR. You must fix a budget before start shopping.

Measure the wall size: You need to measure the wall size where you are planning to mount the TV. The screen must have adequate space on four sides and it must also go in complete harmony with the dimensions of the room. The ideal viewing length is twice the screen length.

Different types of displays: Plasma displays are dependent on gas plasma cells and these cells make a collective effort to produce images, colors and light when voltage is passed through. Liquid crystal display also known as LCD utilizes the properties of liquid crystals for filtering light and it is being done in the presence of an electric field that creates images.

A backlight works as the external source because the liquid crystals are not capable of emitting any light on their own. LCD televisions are one of the most popular products available in the market and the LED TVs are an extension of LCD TVs. In LCD, backlight is produced by cold cathode fluorescent lamp while a light emitting diode (LED) produces the backlight in LED TVs. Plasma TVs provide excellent picture quality and they also offer bigger screen size and better viewing angles in comparison with LCD TVs. At the same time; LCD TVs have better power efficiency and they are lighter than plasma TVs. You can also expect brighter pictures with LCDs.

Flat screen TV experience: High definition (HD) picture is the most important feature and it delivers enhanced image quality with details that cannot be associated with traditional CRT TV sets. The high definition picture is equipped with excellent image resolution. Viewing angle is another specialty and as a viewer, you are having a wider range for catching the action from any corner of the room. Since the presence of flat screen, the picture looks natural to the eye without involving any distortions. The brightness, colors and contrast of flat TVs are outstanding and you can expect sharper images, darker blacks and brighter colors.

If you are aware of these important aspects, purchasing a high tech flat screen TV does not become a complicated process and the best decision can be taken with great ease and comfort. .