How to maintain your LG refrigerator

What makes LG refrigerators a class apart? Cool styles, impeccable designs, and the latest technologies are what these refrigerators are made of. However, irrespective of the brand of refrigerators, it is important to maintain these appliances. Following are the maintenance tips to ensure efficient functioning of your LG refrigerators

Maintaining your LG refrigerator.

A good customer service is the backbone of any brand. A lot of customers have experienced that once the appliance is broken down, the companies delay or do not give technical support.

Any good refrigerator, to keep it running successfully needs to be maintained and taken care of. LG refrigerators reviews state that their refrigerators have lasted for many years thanks to its customer service. Here are some of the pointers charted by the LG maintenance team to take care of your refrigerator according to its type.


Whether it is the French door, top/bottom freezer, or side-by-side, before cleaning the refrigerator, unplugging is necessary to prevent any short circuits.

Using soft cloth

Cleaning with abrasive cleaning agents, steel wool, or a scrubber is a strict no-no. It is recommended to use a soft, clean cloth and a mild detergent to clean your LG refrigerator.

Removing drawers

Drawers and shelves are detachable and need to be removed before cleaning. They need to be at room temperature, before starting to clean. The reason being, they can crack or break, when exposed to warm water if they are cold or in the refrigerator.


Gaskets play an important role in energy bills shooting up. A faulty gasket can leak the cold air out thereby taking a toll on the compressor. Some high-end French door LG refrigerators are equipped with additional gaskets. It is, therefore, necessary to clean the gasket regularly to maintain the overall functionality of a refrigerator.

Replacing water filter

All type of LG refrigerators that have a water dispenser need to replace the water filter every six months. These water filters get clogged with mineral deposits and hence need to be changed regularly.

Removing odour

Odour spreads quickly in a refrigerator. To remove any foul smell from the LG refrigerator, mix 2 tablespoon baking soda and 1 quarter of warm water to wipe the insides of the refrigerator with a soft cloth. Before cleaning, make sure that baking soda is completely dissolved in water to avoid any scratching on the surface.

If LG refrigerator reviews are to be believed then, LG is the first pick in the best French door refrigerator brand. Brands are not built overnight. It takes years of experience and a consumer-friendly appliance that will make heads turn.

LG Signature refrigerators

LG has come up with their signature refrigerators for those who prefer living in style. They have two high-end refrigerators that will instantly win your hearts.


This LG signature 23 cubic feet, InstaView door-in-door counter depth refrigerator is worth USD 7,000. The InstaView feature gives the freedom to view the contents without opening the refrigerator. The smart sensor gently opens the refrigerator door automatically sensing the foot movement. It is Energy Star qualified, and Wi-Fi enabled.


This model is 31 cubic feet, InstaView door-in-door refrigerator, is the same as its previous model. The only difference is the storage size. Due to its larger capacity, this LG refrigerator model has more storage space.

There are many websites that you can check out. These websites can help you by providing certain pointers for maintaining refrigerators for their efficient functioning.