Luxury watches from Europe

Watches don’t just tell time. They make a statement. For the wealthy, they are an investment, which will last for years to come. When buying luxury or high-end watches, people look at it from much more than a functional value. The look of the watch and the exterior are equally important as the interior. Other factors include the quality of the dial, the chronometer and the chronograph, the manufacturer’s reputation, the material from which watch is made, and use of gems or leather. They want a timepiece which has brand value, which stands apart when worn and which will tick for years together. Let’s look at some of the top European luxury brands that appeal to the consumer.

When you think of an elegant, luxurious and unique timepiece, think Chopard. This manufacturer has high-end timepieces such as The Tonneau and the Perpetual Calendar for the discerning buyer. For the connoisseur and collector, the brand has pieces with unique motif and story. The fashion conscious buyer will definitely have one Chopard in their collection.

This watch is more like a bejeweled accessory at times. It is known for its precision and look or fashion aspect of it. The elegant watches feature diamonds or 18K white gold. The well-known pieces have baguette-cut diamonds. Each watch has their signature bezel. They appeal to the connoisseur to the customer.

The Swiss luxury watch brand was founded by Carlos Crocco in 1980. This brand uses high-end technology to manufacture a vast range of luxurious timepieces. The varieties in this range make them attractive as accessories, as they can be paired with different dresses or events. At the same time, they use high-end leather and tough metal to manufacture them. This makes them expensive but long lasting.

An old name in watches, it was initially the brainchild of the British watchmakers George Graham and John Arnold. The British Master’s watches were restarted in Switzerland and are known for their technology and solid designs. They have a very good range for the sportsperson with the latest range including a chronograph with a sporty look. The latest range includes watches that work underwater.

Another luxury brand from Switzerland available in the market is Corum. Corum is known for its youthful look and trendy designs. Quality and long life are unmatched. It also offers classic pieces, which attract the buyer.

While purchasing watches, ensure that you are opting for the genuine piece. Do not buy online or from shifty dealers as you can be easily duped.