Let the morning ritual get comfortable with the best razors for men

A clean shave is crucial for a professional look. Don’t you think? And, the task requires patience, proper technique and more importantly the ideal tools. One of the essential tools is a razor which ultimately helps deliver the desired finish.

Investing in a reliable and comfortable razor is important, and it is not an easy task to choose the best razor as various types of razors are available in the market, each with features different from the others. Here is an insight into the best razor brands to steer your decision-making process in the right direction.

Merkur Futur-

The adjustable safety razor of Merkur Futur is one of the most effective tools to serve the purpose of getting a smooth and clean face. Its look is slightly different than any other double edge razor and it offers a perfect finish as it comes with 6 separate settings. The adjustable razor weighs 4.4 ounces and allows getting a clean, close shave and that too by applying minimal pressure. Moreover, the weight is distributed evenly which offers added comfort. And unlike other razors, Futur does not possess screws for keeping the razor in place. Instead, it has a clip and thus loading blades becomes easy. Therefore, to shave like pros, you may try the safety razors of this brand whose pricing is around $90.00. Though on the expensive end, it could become an indispensable part of your grooming kit for its efficiency.


While talking about the best razor brands, the name which is worth mentioning is none other than Gillette. This is the brand that combines the over hundred years of innovation to give that perfect shave every single time at pocket-friendly prices. The latest razor of this brand has come up with 5 blades along with a lubricating strip, built in trimming blades and swiveling ball hinged handle. The pricing is around $22.42.


Schick has always maintained its position on the top of the list of best razor brands both for its unique features and pricing. Those who are in need of a razor with variable settings along with gel reservoir that also has the facility of battery power may have a look at this brand. It possesses the best razor blade as each of them has skin guard on the blade’s top for reducing friction. People whose skin is extra- sensitive and also tend to get shaving bumps may give a closer look at its exceptional features and specifications. The handle of Schick’s razor is designed ergonomically and is thus easy to grip. The redesigned guard bar helps in stretching the skin for giving an even and smooth shave. You may even shave hard to reach areas with the unique flip trimmer. The pricing is around $15.


Dorco is marked as one of the best razor brands, especially for its affordability. You will get the razor along with a total number of ten refills at only $20. Besides the pricing, there is indeed a lot more factors which assist this brand in staying in the list of top razors. Risks of getting cuts or irritation all over your face or neck are reduced because of the tilting head of the razor. The most attractive feature is the razor possesses a lubricating strip which consists of vitamin E, aloe vera, and lavender oil. Other features include trimmer, ergonomic design, handle with rubber grip, etc.

With razors of such top-notch quality, you will be able to make an impression wherever you step and especially in your workplace. You can easily order these products just with a click of the mouse on online stores, or you can shop around at your local store.