Latest Jewelry Designs and Trends

Dressing up for a party is a pleasurable thing if you have a range of dresses, shoes, and jewelry to choose from. With the right mix of accessories, the look of any dress is sure to get accentuated. Are you ready for more compliments coming your way? Well, then here are some tips on how to use different styles for different occasions.

Making a selection

Selecting the right jewelry out of the many options you have in your accessories box can get a little confusing. Choosing that perfect neckpiece depends on many factors. To begin with, it should ideally complement the tone and style of your dress. If you are wearing a deep-cut blouse, a bold necklace will look great. But, this might not work for other occasions.

For example, if your dress is a stunner by itself, with gorgeous embellishments, sequins or intricate designs, then you will opt for a subtle piece of jewelry. A delicate, subtle jewelry piece in such an instance will not take the attention off the dress, but at the same time, that jewelry will add a dash of glamour and complete your look.

Other considerations

A few other things to consider are the other jewelry pieces that you are going to wear. The thumb rule is always that if one piece is a stunner, downplay the other piece of jewelry. Going overboard and wearing three equally attractive pieces of jewelry at once won’t do justice to any of them. Instead, your look will garnet all the negative attention.

For example, if you are wearing long chandelier earrings, a bold choker neck-piece and a chunky bracelet altogether then it is likely that the ensemble may take the individual charm out of each of these items. Attention gets divided and none of the jewelry pieces look as attractive when worn together.

Tout the trending

Of course, latest trends do not always go by subtle displays. So, if you are the one who likes to experiment with the latest jewelry trending in the fashion industry and can get the right pieces together, then investing in them would be a great idea. Always keep your outfit in mind, when you pair a combination of jewelry pieces. Remember, there is a fine line between being subtle and downplaying your look. Don’t downplay, just select the ensemble in a smart way to make the most of everything you wear.

Keeping a tab of the latest jewelry trends which can get a little confusing. In the end, it all ends with creating a fine balance of your personal taste and a little bit of experimentation with what is trending.

Variety in plenty

Pendant chains, layered necklaces, chandelier earrings, gold and silver hoops, chunky bracelets and statement rings are trending. Big, bold stones will also draw attention to those beautiful hands, fingers and your neck.

There’s a lot more going on, though. For example, experiment with toe rings to keep up with the neat manicured look, miniature ear studs for those multiple piercings and a variety of quirky designs for nose rings and pins. There is a range of trendy jewelry to choose from.

Slay at your workplace

While at work, bold slip-on earrings in pearl, silver, and gold add elegance to your work outfit. Clear or see-through jewelry pieces made of glass, lucite or high-grade plastic materials, resin earrings, tassel and fringe earrings in bold colors that add a pop of color instantly to any outfit are trending these days. Make sure you keep it minimal, as this will help you be formal and look elegant at the same time.

Look the best a party

Another new trend is asymmetrical earrings, where the design of each piece is different, and one piece is longer than the other. This is great for people with short hair, or when you’re sporting that high ponytail look. People who sport short hair have the awesome advantage of being able to experiment equally well with stud earrings as well as chandelier earrings.