Know your beverages better

If your Instagram newsfeed is bombarded with images of different kinds of cuisine and beverages, then you are witnessing a growing trend where people like to show how interesting their lifestyle choices are. It can be easier for you to tell one cuisine from the other, but how well do you know your beverages? If you don’t, here’s a crash course for you in the beverage department.

So, beverages are of two kinds- alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages. The youth have a penchant to be more inquisitive about the alcoholic ones. Also, there are plenty of different kinds of beverages that belong to either of these categories.

Alcoholic beverages are the ones that immediately draw your attention when you enter a party! So, here are the most commonly sought-after alcoholic beverages-

  • Beer- This oldest and probably the most popular beverage is something that every individual must have tried at some point of time in their lives and is the most popular option when you wish to spend a day chilling at home, watching a football match
  • Wine- The most sophisticated alcoholic beverage you can ever come across is the Wine. A glass of wine is a must after dinner in many cultures, the reason being that it aids digestion. So, grab a tall glass of red wine and move a step closer to living a healthy life
  • Liquor- Liquor or hard alcohol is something that can turn the most somber person you know into a stand-up comedian. Your Whiskey, Rum, Brandy, Gin, Tequila, etc. are the ones that fall under this category. These beverages are stronger than the other ones
  • Cider- Beer comes from starch, wine from grapes and then comes cider that has apples as its source. Ciders are mostly healthy as they are abundant in antioxidants that apples too boast of, but only when consumed in moderation.

Your non-alcoholic beverages are listed below-

  • Juices- Fruit juices are a popular choice among those who are not into alcoholic beverages. Your mango juice, orange juice, etc, are 100% non-alcoholic and double as health drinks as well
  • Tea- Half the world’s population vouch for tea as the drink that gets rid of their fatigue or calms their nerves during anxiety attacks
  • Milk- Milk is one such beverage that has minerals that increase your immunity and works wonders for your bones. A glass of milk every day is a must for everyone
  • Coffee- Coffee lovers are a highly dangerous breed of people who cannot function without their morning coffee. So, a cup of coffee makes them less agitated on a Monday morning.

So, now that you are aware of what alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are, the next time someone asks you, œwhat’s your poison?, you won’t be in a fix.