Know when to change oil in your car

Every car owner would wonder when to change the engine oil. The best thing to be done is to consult your owner’s manual. Most of them suggest for an oil change after 4000 miles and as your car gets older it’s better to drop down to 3000 miles, it again depends on what car you use. Most of the recently designed cars comes up with more millage without wanting for major repairs.

If your car is brand new, then make sure you give it for first service within 3 months or when you cover almost 4000 miles. They would probably provide a free service including the change of engine oil.

Changing of engine oil differs accordingly to the conditions it’s been used. The type of engine oil you use plays the major role. It is advisable to use a good quality oil to get longer run time. Cheaper oil gets dirty at the earliest causing damage to the internal parts.

• Typical condition: According to the Ford Motor Company, drivers with typical driving habits who own 2008 and newer models should change their engine oil every 4500 miles or every 6 months, whichever comes first.

• Less typical condition: Drivers with less typical conditions includes frequent off road driving or driving in dusty conditions, towing or carrying heavy loads, excessive idling or driving at low speeds for long distances should change engine oil every 3000 miles or six months for vehicles 2008 and newer, and every 1500 miles or three months for 2007 model and older.

• Severe condition: The type of oil you use and how you make use of your vehicle and driving habits dedicates to how often to change oil in your car. The worst type of driving for oil life is short distances below highway speeds. Driving for 1000 miles in town for five months will spoil the oil condition making it too dirty reducing millage.

• Functions of the oil: Thicker the oil gets, the tougher it gets along the parts of the vehicle forming a cover over them damaging the parts. Functioning of oil will be affected when you don’t change the oil in time. Firstly, improves lubrication and the moving parts needs to be lubricated to move freely. Secondly it cools down the heat generated due to friction. The engine moves up and down producing heat and the heat is transferred to the oil to keep your car from overheating. The next thing is that it seals the combustion chamber and rotary engine of the car. All the by- products that comes out from the oil is finally filtered by the oil filter which could be replaced while changing the oil.