Know more about Black and Decker appliances

Appliances form an important part of any household. The range varies from kitchen appliances to lighting products, irons, and a range of home and office appliances. A large number of players are available in the market, and Black+Decker appliances have been able to create a niche in the market.

  • Juicers
    Among the range of juicers available in Black+Decker is the fruit and vegetable juice extractor. It comes with a 28-oz pulp collector and has a 300-ml pitcher that has been designed to capture freshly squeezed juice. It operates on 400 Watts of power and keeps the electricity bill within limits.
    Black+Decker appliances have made their products easy to use, and the juicers come with removable and dishwasher safe parts that include extremely easy to use and clean stainless steel blades and strainers.
    The dual safety locking mechanism and the non-skid feet ensures that these are easy to use and control. The transparent lid also ensures that the user always knows when the task at hand is finished.
  • Digital Blending System
    Black+Decker appliances also have its digital blending system in place, which has been designed such that it rapidly crushes ice and perfectly blends the smoothies and soups. The glass jar has been designed to be heavy duty and has ample space for all essentials, and eliminates spills and drips.
    The mini jar also comes with its own blade base that helps in chopping nuts or grinding spices, as the case might be. The digital controls have been designed such that it blends with three preset speeds. The digital blending system also has a pre-programmed smoothie button for coming up with a delicious treat in 30 seconds.
  • Cookware
    Black+Decker appliances have its range of cookware that is durable and makes your cooking effective to the core. The cookware range has a thick even-heated aluminum base that makes cooking a relatively easy task. The heat-resistant handle offers additional control and makes cooking a cherished task.
    The cookware comes with a glass lid that allows the users to keep track of the cooking process. The brushed stainless interiors and polished exteriors also ensure that the cookware range remains desirable for long.

Black+decker appliances manufacturers have also taken care to ensure that they remain connected with their customers. To maintain this bond, their entire product range comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The same applies to its cookware range of products and they come with limited lifetime warranty, ensuring that the products can be used for a longer duration.

Pick any of the products from the abovementioned list and complete your kitchen collection.