Know how to care for and maintain your hearing aid

You must be aware that hearing aids are very delicate devices and need to be handled with care. So, it is imperative that you should be equipped with the right knowledge in this area. Here is an insight on how to go about it.

Essential care tips for your hearing aid

  • Protection from dirt- Do ensure that your fingers are dry and clean whenever you touch and operate your digital hearing aids. This is going to prevent your microphone input from getting blocked and damaged.
  • Protect from moisture- Not only should you remove your hearing aid while showering and swimming, but you should also not keep it in the bathroom since there is a lot of moisture in the bathroom. This moisture can damage even the best hearing aids.
  • Keep your ears clean- It is essential to keep your ears clean because the excess ear wax and dirt can easily enter the hearing socket.
  • Keep device away from children- Store your digital hearing aids in a place away from the reach of children and pets. To them, the device might just appear as a toy, and they may damage it in the process of fiddling. Apart from that, if the device is not deactivated, it may emit high sounds that may aggravate your pet dog.
  • Avoid contact with hair sprays or cosmetics- Aerosol sprays such as hair sprays and deodorants and powder makeup products can easily clog the microphone input and control switch since they comprise of very tiny particles. Keep your digital hearing aids at bay while using any of these products.
  • Clean the device properly- Even if you have the best hearing aid, it can get damaged if not cleaned periodically. You should use a soft dry cloth to clean the device. Never use any solvents or fluids such as alcohol or liquid soap. You can buy the right products for cleaning your hearing aid from your dispenser. Also, it is essential to clean battery contacts regularly and replace old batteries with new ones when needed. This will prevent leakage and damage of battery contacts.

More tips to increase the life of your hearing aid

Other than the tips mentioned above, it is vital to develop productive habits so that the care and maintenance process of these aids seamlessly blends in with your daily routine. Make it a point to clean the hearing aids every evening before you brush your teeth. This will ensure that your hearing aids last for a long time.

Purchase a hearing aid cleaning kit or sanitizer that uses ultraviolet light to kill dangerous pathogens. The kit is available along with the other tools required for the safe and secure cleaning of the hearing aid without damaging the electronics.

It is very crucial to use a battery tester every morning to check the charge left on the batteries. Always keep batteries well charged so that the hearing aids are running at peak performance. This will not only help you hear better but will also keep the device in good working order. Also, at night when you take the batteries out, do keep the battery flap open so that any moisture within the battery socket will dry by morning.

Store your hearing aids away from extreme heat such as sunlight, store it in a drawer in the bedroom. Other than that, always lean over a table or bed before inserting the hearing aid to prevent any damage that may occur if the hearing aid falls off your ear.

Finally, have your pair of digital hearing aids checked and serviced at least once in 6 months. Your dispenser will check if any ear wax has deposited in the earpiece and will also service the device and check for any malfunctions.