Know about the Different Types of Riding Lawn Mowers

Need to get your lawn cleaned? Do it yourself with the best riding lawn mowers. This machine helps you in cutting the grass of your lawn to an even size, thus cleaning your lawn. Just spend 30-45 minutes out of 24 hours to convert your big and grassy lawn into a beautiful clean place.

Introduction of riding lawn mowers

In the year 1830, Edwin Budding invented the first lawn mowers. This mower was made up of iron. It required lots of energy to push this roller along the grass for cutting them. Later in the 1850s, Thomas Green and Sons came up with a new model of lawn mowers. This model was comparatively light and was sound proof. This is the reason they named it the “Silens Messor”. Seeing the popularity of the lawn mowers, by the year 1890s, different people were involved in designing and manufacturing of different models of lawn mowers. Steam-powered mowers, fuel powered mowers, petrol-powered machines, and kerosene-powered machines were some of the common types.

Different types of riding lawn mowers

Cylindrical mowers

This consists of a horizontal blade that is used to cut the grasses by moving the machine either horizontally or vertically along the field. These are lightweight mowers that are used by pushing along the grass. There is no noise or air pollution caused as it works by the energy applied by the person on it. It is useful for smaller areas but can be used in larger areas when more than one machine is tied to a tractor.

Rotary mowers

This mower rotates on an axis which is placed vertically along the blade. The blade spins at high speed to cut the grass. This is a good option if the blade of the mower is not banged up. It can be used for bigger lawns because it is comparatively easier to use.

Petrol mower

These mowers use four-stroke engines for a better result. Though the powerful engine helps you clean the whole lawn in minutes, it needs manual energy to start. A speed adjusting feature is available on the handle, which allows you to set the speed of your choice.

Manual push mower

These mowers are divided into two categories, viz corded mowers, and cordless mowers.
The corded electric mower is for a limited access. The farther the cord goes, the further it can be used. Using this mower is dangerous as you have a risk of getting an electric shock, whereas the cordless electric mower runs without any electric supply. It instead uses battery power for functioning. Though quite expensive, this mower is more efficient than any other mowers.

Manual push mower

The older version of mowers is still available. The manual push mower can be used by pushing the machine along the grass. A reel is attached to the mower’s wheel which spins resulting in the cutting of the grass. This type of mower prevents pollution.

Hover Mowers

These mowers are very light and are made up of plastic bodies. The motor placed in this mower is an electric motor and thus it allows easy grass cutting.

Tractor-pulled mower

These mowers are tied to the back of the tractor. The grass is shred as the tractor moves.

Riding Mowers

Just like a lawn tractor or a tractor mower, this one contains a seat for the driver. The driver may comfortably sit on this mower while controlling the speed and direction in which the mower will move.

Top 4 brands of riding lawn mowers

– Troy Bilt 382cc Lawn Mower
– Cub Cadet XT1
– Poulan Pro P46ZX
– Husqvarna 967271501

It is better to buy a riding lawn mower after deep research. First of all, understand the requirement of your lawn where you wish to use it, and then look for the features of the mower that you wish to buy. Getting the right machine according to your need is very important. If not, you are going to regret your choice.