Key competencies to be a successful lawyer

Apart from the obvious legal qualifications and a stellar academic record, lawyers must also have several core competencies and soft skills to make the cut in the legal industry. While some of these qualities may be inherent, a select few can be honed and developed over time. Check out this list of some popular skills a good lawyer must possess.

Effective communication
A good orator who is articulate and agile with words and expressions is likely to be an efficient lawyer. The role of a lawyer requires her/him to extensively engage in effective exchange of words both in writing and in person. A lawyer is required to not only advocate your case but also negotiate a settlement. Clarity of expression, comprehensive usage of succinct language, persuasive communication and being an observant listener are some of the skills that come in handy when presenting a case. Most of these skills are either innate or developed during studying law and participating in moot courts or engaging in discussions.

In addition to being critical, logical and analytical, a successful lawyer also requires to have creativity in decoding a complex case. Creativity can be applied in the way one solves problems, works out a settlement, takes nuances into account while building a case and the like.

Research skills
This is predictably one of the key skills for being a good lawyer. Dealing with a bulk of information, teasing out the core and successfully applying the relevant matter to the specific case in hand is something lawyers are continually expected to do.

Since the very idea of advocacy is to be convincing and persuasive, a good lawyer must have a way with words that can convince others of a conclusion or influence your judge to pursue a course of action.

Collaborative skills
Apart from being a people’s person, a lawyer is required to work efficiently in a multi-party setting. Lawyers who can collaborate with others can drive others to bring out the best in them while enhancing their own productivity.

Meticulous approach
A lawyer is required to possess a greater eye for detail and have excellent observation skills in addition to being sharp, alert and proactive. Due diligence in writing contracts and thorough research behind rationales are the prerequisites of a good lawyer.

New skill sets for the modern era
In addition to the commonly known skills mentioned above, a modern lawyer is also required to be well versed with additional competencies relevant in the 21st century. Some of these skills include emotional acumen, financial know how, technological affinity and the ability to manage projects.