Jitterbug cell phone plans in a nutshell

Jitterbug cell phone is an excellent communication tool for seniors. The ease with which one can use is the main characteristic of this device. This device is equipped with a comfortable grip design, and there are large buttons attached to help seniors use the device without difficulty. This product comes with improved volume, and this volume can be controlled as well. The padded earpiece shows great compatibility with hearing aids and people, who are suffering from impaired hearing, can make use of this device to overcome their difficulties.

Elimination of all extra functions found on the advanced modern devices
The bright screen displays enlarged fonts to make it easy for people to read. All the simplified commands are incorporated and it avoids all extraneous functions seen on advanced cell phones. All these aspects make Jitterbug models the primary option for anyone who is looking for a cell phone that works primarily as a communication tool.

Uncomplicated plans
The design of cell phones seniors Jitterbug is pretty attractive and useful. However, it is not the only feature that makes this device attractive for people searching for simple phones. The modern world is filled with a wide range of cell phone plans, and you can find elaborate billing process and confusing pricing options. When it comes to Jitterbug plans, you can expect a lot of clarity. The discomforting elements associated with committing to a conventional contract that binds you for a couple of years can be eliminated with this plan.

No cancellation fee and extra price
These cell phone plans do not demand a long-term contract, and you can cancel the connection at any time you prefer without paying any cancellation fees. If you choose to give Jitterbug a try and come to the conclusion that it is not suitable for you; you can cancel the plan. The device must be returned within 30 days with no obligation. Another remarkable aspect of the plans is that they do not ask for any extra price for roaming and long distance. Calls can be made by the user at anytime from anywhere without worrying about extra fees.

Monthly plan
Three plan options can be associated with Jitterbug. First one is the monthly plans, and they provide sufficient minutes. For the lowest plans, you need to pay $10 per month, and 35 cents should be paid per minute on a pay-as-you-go basis. It is a good option for people who will use the phone in a limited way but are interested in Internet services as well. These types of plans go in the upward direction and there are plans like $80 per month with 800 available minutes. You must be aware of the fact that all minutes within a Jitterbug cell phone plan spread over 90 days in comparison with normal 30 day rollover period with all those current plans. When you use other plans, you always stand a chance of losing unused minutes. Since the Jitterbug plans roll over for 90 days, you get better protection.

Simply Share plans
Another option is the Simply Share plan, and it is for those people who want to add family and friends. As a user, you can add people to your plan for $15 and by doing so; you will receive free Jitterbug to Jitterbug call benefits.

Year plans
If you prefer simplified billing, you can make use of the year option. It offers free voicemail and talktime that can be chosen either by a price decided by the number of add-on minutes or pay-as-you-go at 35 cents per minutes.

Jitterbug cell phone plans are simple and hassle-free compared to average plans available in the market. Senior people can select the most suitable option based on their needs.