Irresistible and easy-to-make desserts

Desserts are loved by all and are a surprise to our taste buds. They come from varied cultures and have the essence of the place of origin. From candies to pie, cakes to taffies, desserts are of all shapes and sizes. Here are some of the popular and the best desserts recipes that find a place in every restaurant’s and household’s menu.

Maple Taffy
If you want one of the simplest and tastiest desserts on your menu, then maple taffy is sure to be one of them. Especially made during the months between February and April, maple taffy is an amazing sweet treat. It is made in the shape of a lollipop and the consistency is that of a taffy, from where it gets its name. All you require for this dessert is maple syrup and snow. Once you boil the maple syrup and then pour it over clean and fresh snow, the candy begins to set well and then it is rolled onto an ice-cream stick, just like a lollypop.

Waffles are considered as both a great dish for breakfast as well as dessert. These are golden-brown and large versions of pancakes or crepes. There are different types of waffles too. The popular Leige waffle is a chewy and thick type that is relished with caramelized sugar. This is mostly eaten as a meal, whereas Brussels waffle is savored as a dessert. The latter is served with fresh fruit toppings and whipped cream.

Peanut butter pie
Nothing can beat an authentic pie but a dish with a touch of creativity can make it stand out. A peanut butter pie is an absolute delight when it comes to desserts. Here, the peanut butter pie is topped with tasty whipped cream. The beautiful balance of flavors is the key to getting a perfect dessert and a pie is no exception to this rule. Get a blend of savory flavors with a creamy peanut butter pie.

Apple dumplings
These are one of the most irresistible desserts and if you like ice cream on it then nothing like a topping of vanilla ice cream. Apple dumplings are flaky pastries with baked apple inside and cinnamon sugar. The crunchiness of apple dumplings together with the creaminess of the ice cream is an absolute hit.

The next time you want to try out a new dessert recipe, do not forget to keep these simple and best food recipes handy.