Interesting ways of organizing your bedroom furniture

Arranging spatial areas is pretty confusing especially if you don’t wish to spend money on hiring the services of an interior designer. The bedroom of your house is one such important area the layout of which has to be planned carefully. Diligently placed bedroom furniture can instantly step up the style quotient. The entire concept of bedroom furniture centers on the placement of the bed. Whether you prefer sleeping on a grand king-sized bed or find it more comfortable to lie on a cozy twin bed, the furniture in your bedroom will be greatly impacted by your choice.

Once the bed has been placed, the next task is to make intelligent use of the corners that awkwardly lie vacant. We have tried compiling different methods of arranging bedroom furniture for all room sizes.

  • The tiny bedroom – By tiny we mean that the room has bare minimum space to accommodate a bed. The trick that works here is to place one side of the bed right next to the wall so that there is some area left on the other side for placing a small side table. A shelf can be attached on the wall at a considerable height above the table for a more productive use of the corner. The bed should be a box bed with in-built storage so that additional cupboards don’t have to be placed for managing stuff. Placing a mirror on one of the walls can give a more enlarged look to the bedroom. Position a small chest underneath and your dressing table is ready.
  • The large bedroom – First of all, place a king or queen sized bed in the center, particularly if the room is a square one. Opt for a long bench in front of the bed that can be used for wearing shoes or any other purpose as you please. The entire furniture in the room should be more or less of a similar color. Contrasts do not work in large bedrooms, though slight variation in shades is acceptable. But having a white chest with a brown bed is a big no-no. A set of two single sofas facing each other placed strategically near the window also provides a magnificent look to the bedroom.
  • The majestic bedroom – Here, you will struggle with the extra space left even after all necessary pieces of bedroom furniture have been set up. California bed would work if you want to indulge in lavish spending. Carpet covering of the floor can be done, which will make the room look cozy. An intelligent move here can be to place a good quality, medium sized over a large, less expensive carpet. Usually, master suites are accompanied by walk-in closets which eliminate the need for large dressers. Empty corners can be filled by placing desks, plants and book racks.

The bedroom is the most important room of the house since it fulfills your sleep requirements and reinvigorates your body to take on the errands and chores of the day. Therefore, it should send positive vibes all around and make your life comfortable. Appropriate lighting in the room is as important as bedroom furniture and lights of different intensity can be placed to focus on specific areas in the room. The color of the curtains, upholstery, table covers, and bed sheets should follow a particular coding scheme. The bottom line is that all the elements should be in tandem with another. They should blend in the ambiance and correspond with the dimensions of the bedroom. You need not necessarily be an expert to have a great bedroom furniture layout. A little bit of research powered by common sense works really well.