Interesting pig’s feet dishes

It’s not the first choice of meat and bone that comes to you mind. In fact, many must have not even heard about the widespread use of these hooves in dishes let alone, be the featured ingredient of the recipe. Pigs feet are commonly prepared down south where they are boiled, braised or even jellied. Pickled pig’s feet, is another common feature down south.

Here is a list of most unusual dishes which feature pig’s feet as the star of the recipe.

Southern style pig’s feet: Chopped onions, bell peppers and celery sticks immersed in white vinegar water, with close to a dozen pig’s feet seasoned with salt and pepper. This boiled version of the hooves slow cooks in a large Dutch oven, ingredients beautifully mixed together in that vegetable broth with the perfect amount of seasoning until the cooked meat is tender. A very simple yet delicious recipe which serves 4-6 people.

Fried pig’s feet recipe: The initial preparation method is similar to boiling pig’s feet in a large Dutch over, something like the southern pig’s style recipe. But a couple of more steps after that ensure a crispy tasty recipe with just the right amount of everything from veggies to seasoning. The feet, which has been cooking for a while in the broth is then removed and strained properly to remove the excess water. A batter must be made from scratch by combining two eggs, a little flour, salt and pepper for seasoning. Fry the blissful combination until golden brown and serve with a dip or side of your choice.

Jellied pig’s feet: Another interesting take on the classic recipe, with the addition of pork loin to the tender cooked meat. The meat is diced along with veggies and again cooked in the broth with proper seasoning to be then poured into molds, refrigerated overnight to form jellies. Now they might differ a lot in taste and appearance compared to Jello recipes, sweet or savory for that matter. This recipe is an interesting take and one of the traditional methods of cooking pig’s feet, passed down from generation to generation.

It may not be the most popular dish worldwide, but recipes down south tend to feature this unusual meat regularly. Making the most of all the meat available, from head to toe… literally! Pigs feet are now regarded as a delicacy, with the classic preparation methods of boiling, braising and jellying.