Insomnia and it’s domination on modern life

Some say it’s caused by stress, some have lifestyle choices to blame and then there is a handful who consider it to be a psychological disorder. However, from where the society-wide issue stares at us, some see current day use of touch screen devices as a menace adding to the long list of reasons that cause this painful sensation of not being able to sink into slumber, deep sleep.

If this word, rather new to common human vocabulary, would have been discussed in public forum a decade before, the list of reasons would have varied distance between moon and earth.

Remedies have been extracted from research and studies conducted throughout the globe. Pharmaceutical giants have been frontrunners in manufacturing products to even out this irregularity. Since the inception of modern medicine, chemical combinations have been said to be useful in helping the troubled eye. For someone who has been struggling to rest their body for a constant number of hours, such medicines are nothing less than a blessing. The initial reaction a person’s body shows, once they start consuming these drugs, is beneficial for the issue they want to eradicate. The secondary reaction is what comes as surprise, not completely unexpected, but it results in a setback.

The first, often obviously expected, is lethargy. The medicine hits the dart right on point when it comes to aiding the body to fall to sleep, but the residue of the drug lingers in the blood composition, which forces the human system to drift into a phase of time when the chemical contents affect the daily routine if the individual. Once the medicine is consumed on a regular level, the quantity of drug becomes a part of the blood stream, and hence its often required to increase the dosage to keep the effect of the condition stable.

Some users who consume a specific balance of drug combination, have complained about an increase in appetite. This not only drives the person to consume food and liquid over and above their body’s requirement but also pushes the body into a nutrient shock which is triggered by the increased inflow of food. This consequence results in the increase of body weight and ultimately increasing their body mass index.

Sleep aid pills have always been known for their benefits and more notoriously for their side effects. The increase of weight and lethargy are the least of the concerns these drugs induce.

There are many long-term users who have spoken about severe experiences that directly affects the bodily functions of the individual in effect of the drug. With prolonged use, medical conditions like constipation, heartburn, and sexual dysfunctionality are caused. All of these issues, related to the swift functioning of the brain, is hit hard by the Medicines as they force all senses to be dormant even after a good night’s rest.

Trying to rest the case to conclusion, it’s best said that to consume anti-insomnia pills or simply sleeping pills is at the cost of one’s own risk.