Improving energy efficiency of your refrigerator

Every consumer who is looking to buy a new refrigerator will want an appliance that will help to save his energy bills and money. Conserving energy in any appliance is of utmost priority these days. Refrigerators alone consume more than most appliances combined in one house.

There are so many questions running through one’s mind when it comes to improving the energy efficiency.

Before learning ways to improve efficiency, let us understand that cold air transmits through the heat in the refrigerator. A full refrigerator is considered more energy efficient. But it only works better if there is enough room between the items for the air to flow. Here are some of the ways in which one can improve the energy efficiency in a refrigerator:

  • Keep off the top

People usually keep stuff like cereal boxes on the top of the refrigerator. Due to this, the heat cannot escape and it takes a longer time for the refrigerator to cool down. This can drain the energy.

  • Condenser coil

The condenser coil located at the back of the refrigerator needs regular cleaning. Dust and webs block the heat from going out. These coils are the cooling agents for the refrigerator. Even the best refrigerators will not function well if the condenser coils are not cleaned at regular intervals.

  • No longer open doors

Nothing consumes more energy than an open refrigerator. When the door is kept open for a long time, the cold air leaks out and then it takes up a lot of heat to cool the system.

  • Off the ice maker

Ice makers, though are very convenient for the users for dispersing ice, often tend to eat up the energy by 14-20 percent. If, not using them, turn it off and switch to ‘ice cube tray days’ to conserve the energy.

  • Ventilation

Proper ventilation is necessary even for the best refrigerators. The refrigerator should be placed at least 2 inches away from the wall to let the heat pass through the condenser coil. If the heat does not pass through, then the refrigerator has to work hard to cool down.

  • Check gasket

It is important to check any unwanted open seal while closing the refrigerator door. Doors that are not properly sealed can let the cold escape and in return use up the energy. If you find the seal left open, replace the gasket.

  • Organize and arrange

You can get the best refrigerators, but if you do not organize or declutter it occasionally, then even the best refrigerators will not be of any use. When food items are properly organized, it is easier to locate and you will not have to keep the door open for more time to find it. Large and bulky food items that take up too much space like bread or pizza boxes should not be kept on the top shelf as there are chances of the heat being trapped. The compressor will have to pump more to cool the refrigerator thereby shooting up your energy bills.

  • Cool it off

Wait for the leftover food to cool off before stashing it in the refrigerator. Do not keep hot items in the refrigerator.

  • Clean up accumulated frost

In older refrigerators, users had to manually defrost the ice buildup. Ice accumulated near the coils can make the refrigerators work overtime. Today, while the best refrigerators come with better technology and best results, it always pays to be alert in order to save energy consumption.

As they say `A stitch in time, saves nine’, it is good to be cautious rather than be sorry. Some of the best refrigerators in the market today have  a lifespan of around ten years. Always go for energy efficient appliances to save your energy bills in the longer run.