Importance of designer lights in your living room

Be it a casual conversation, entertaining guests, or gatherings with family and friends, the living room is the most widely used space at home. It is the first room that a guest enters and, therefore,  deserves all the needed attention. However, it has been observed that people spend a fortune on buying sofas, wall hangings, paintings, etc. and neglect the lighting fixtures. No doubt, other dcor items are important to bring life to your living room, lighting serves an equally vital purpose in giving it a different look. Tastefully chosen designer lights along with complementing dcor can change the way your living room appears.

It is important that you choose the right lighting scheme to make your living space warm and attractive. For instance, if you want your guests to linger, you could use dimmers that will enable you to control the level of light suitable to create the much-needed intimacy. You can also take advantage of advantage of the new, energy-efficient designer lights that make for a perfect living room setting. Generally speaking, lighting can be magical if chosen correctly. You can visit your local lighting showroom or buy online.

Here are four types of lighting that you can use to enhance the look of your living room:

  • Accent
    This type of lighting creates a sophisticated atmosphere. It is normally used to draw attention towards a particular feature such as a favorite painting, textured wall, and a fireplace in your living room. Examples of accent lighting include recessed, adjustable lights pointing at the desired object or under-cabinet lighting, etc.
  • Task
    Good task lighting will help you read or write at a desk under bright light. As the name suggests, these lights are not used all the time but are used only while you are doing a task such as reading or writing. Designer lights such as floor lamps with a swinging arm or a source of light directed over a desk may be used.
  • Ambient
    This is one of the most common types of lighting. It casts a soft glow in your living space that is sufficient enough for you to function. Ambient lighting controls the glare and makes your living room comfortable by providing general illumination. Make use of designer lights such as stylish chandeliers, wall mounted fixtures, designer ceiling lights, or portable lamps to illuminate your room and make it look inviting.
  • Decorative
    Personalize a space or your favorite spot in the living room with decorative lighting. It adds the much-needed coziness and intimacy in your living space. Stylish table lamps, hanging pendants, and chandeliers make for good decorative designer lights.

Lighting is as important as your dcor and, should not be neglected. We recommend that you choose right kind of designer lights to make your living room appealing.