Illnesses that can be caused by Lupus

The symptoms that lupus exhibits depend on the organs that are attacked. The small joints of the hand are a very common victim. Initially the pain and swelling of joints and the early morning stiffness may not be taken serious. Like any other lupus symptoms these swellings and pain also flare up and subside. If over the counter drugs do not give relief it is necessary to meet one’s health professional, who would help in eliminating other causes like arthritis and other common ailments.

Digestive system is another common site of attack. The common symptoms are heart burns or acid reflux. Taking over the counter antacids, reducing the size of the meal, and not sitting down immediately after meal and walking around instead can all give relief. If the gastric symptoms recur frequently one should meet one’s doctor who will rule out other conditions. Lupus attacks vital organs like liver, pancreas and the like. It can also cause the intestines to leak protein leading to nutrient deficiency, diarrhea etc. This condition is called protein losing atrophy. Patients can suffer dry mouth, eye and women can suffer from dry vagina. This is because patients sometime develop Sjogren’s syndrome another autoimmune disease which interferes with the working of the glands.

It is quite common for lupus patients to become victims of autoimmune thyroid disease. Thyroid controls the body metabolism. A bad thyroid would upset the working of vital organs like brain, heart, kidneys, and the liver. The condition of an underactive thyroid is called hypothyroidism while an overactive one is hyperthyroidism. The former slows down the body and leads to weight gain lethargy and the like. The other one drives the body with the pedal pressed down and one sees loss of weight, inability to sleep, sweating etc.

Lupus produces a whole lot of symptoms. The symptoms depend on the organs that are affected. Lupus patients are at increased risk for heart attacks and artery diseases even when they’re very young, such as their twenties. It often causes inflammation of the covering of the heart, pericarditis, and chest pain. Lupus patients often develop antiphospholipid antibodies syndrome/(APS). APS increases the possibilities for miscarriages and clot formation in blood. The clot formed in blood can travel along the circulating blood and thromboembolism anywhere in the body which has very serious outcomes. If it happens in heart it leads to heart attacks, in brain it is he cause of a stroke and in hands or leg it leads to formation of gangrene which can result in the amputation of the limb concerned.