Humana Prescription Drugs Plans, Medicare Part D

The cost of medication is increasing every year, and many of the sick and elderly need help to keep up with their medication requirements. That’s where Medicare Part D insurance coverage comes in. These plans can help cover a good portion of the cost.

Humana Part D PDP Plans
Humana Inc, is a health and supplementary benefits company. It offers many health and Medicare insurance plans to help cover the increasing cost of healthcare.

The company offers three different Medicare Part D plans, to help older people deal with the cost of medications. Those who are signed up for Medicare Part A or B benefits are eligible to receive Part D coverage as well.
This cover is provided by private insurance companies in two ways. Beneficiaries can sign up for a Part C plan that covers both hospitalization and prescription drugs. They can also sign up for Part D or Prescription Drug Plan (PDP).

Choosing a PDP
The first thing to do is to compare premiums. If you choose a lower premium, the benefits offered will be less, and you’ll have to pay a higher deductible towards claims. The higher the premium, the broader the coverage.

Choose a plan according to your medication needs. If you have chronic conditions that need regular and expensive prescription drugs to keep under control, pay a higher premium and get better cover. If you don’t need regular medication or have very few prescription drug needs, choose lower premium plans.

Humana PDP

Humana PDP offers three plans:
â Humana Preferred Rx Plan (PDP)
â Humana Enhanced (PDP)
â Humana Walmart Rx Plan (PDP)

The Humana Enhanced PDP provides comprehensive coverage at $71 per month and $0 Deductible. The Humana Preferred Rx Plan costs $28 per month and $400 per year in deductibles. The Humana Walmart Rx Plan costs $17 per month and $400 per year deductible.

The innovative Humana Walmart PDP provides a low cost plan that can help keep premiums and copayments down for generic prescription drugs. It also covers a huge list of prescription drugs.

If you have prescription drugs filled at Walmart or other preferred stores, you can keep the copayments on generic drugs to a low amount. If you have prescriptions filled through Humana’s home delivery system, the copayment on generic drugs can be $0.

While Shopping each insurer provides a list of covered drugs under your chosen plan. See if the drugs you use are covered, what the co-pays are, if any.
Once you reach the total limit on your Medicare Plan, you’re responsible for the full cost of all drugs. This is until you reach the out-of-pocket limit. After you reach this limit, your PDP coverage resumes and you’re only responsible to pay a small amount of the cost.

However, the costs of drugs until you cross the hole could be very high and put a strain on your finances. Try to choose a plan that provides coverage for the donut hole. However, this will come at a higher premium.

If you need a lot of highly expensive prescription drugs on a regular basis, choose plans that cover the hole, the higher premiums are definitely worth it.