How to use colors in children’s bathroom

Designing a children’s bathroom can be a really fun thing to do. You can lose your design inhibitions and really let lose in terms of creativity. You can work on exciting themes, patterns, and decorative items. But one thing that can turn even the drabbest of rooms into a bright and happy place is the use of colors. The best bathroom colors for anyone can be a mix of their favorite shades not only on walls but through the use of accents and designs.

Here are some fun ways to use colors in children’s bathrooms.

  • Use bright shades on one wall and paint the rest in a neutral shade. You can add patterns to the bright wall in the form of polka dots, flowers, stripes, numbers, alphabets or whatever appeals to you. White polka dots can look great with orange, yellow or blue walls. If you are artistically inclined, you can also paint vivid pictures of animals, nature or a story.
  • Use white wall paints and colorful furniture and accessories. Some best bathroom colors in terms of decorative elements for children are bright shades of blue, pink, yellow, orange and green. You can add fuchsia bins and baskets; yellow stools, blue towels, a multicolored shower curtain and toys in various hues. One great thing about using neutral colors is that when your kids grow, you can simply change the décor and add new elements to match the white walls. Also, white accentuates every other color and can really make the bathroom standout.
  • You can also use colors in a bathroom through storage. If there are alcoves in the bathroom, you can paint each one a different color. If the walls are neutral, you can choose vanity and cabinets in soft pastels. You can also keep the cabinets white and paint patterns over them.
  • Add colors in the bathroom through fixtures like the sink, bathtub, and toilet seats. Best bathroom colors in this regard can be pink, blue or yellow for the toilet seat. A coral pink sink set on a white countertop can work like magic. You can match this with a different shade of pink for the tub.
  • Use different shades of the same colors to create an interesting element in your kids’ bathroom. For instance, you can use sunflower yellow for one or two walls and tone it down with other walls in white, cream or a lighter shade of yellow. Then use the shower curtains in yellow and white color scheme and apply the same concept to cabinets and storage. Break the monotony with a splash of an orange or pink element such as a stool or a toy on the sink counter. Best bathroom colors for kids can be anything that makes them happy. The color needn’t be bright. You can use subtle colors too, but with variations.