How to throw a party with Dollar Tree

Throwing a party does not always have to mean taking on huge expenses and going all out. You can also have a simple affair with tasteful yet reasonably-priced items which will make your guests appreciate your warmth and sense of hospitality. This is especially true for impromptu parties. You can easily plan an entire party with supplies from stores like Dollar Tree, a chain of stores that stocks up items for a dollar per piece. Take this guide and print it out for your next party and get Dollar Tree ready!

• Get ready for theme parties: You can easily plan an entire theme party with the supplies available at Dollar Tree. All you have to do is decide on your theme and match the same with solid colors for the bunting and crockery. So if you have a Frozen or Princess Elsa theme, you can have a huge cutout for the entrance with the stickers of the various characters pasted on to the same. And then, you can match the setting with invites and crockery in solid colors like shades of blue, white and purple.

• Crockery: The crockery at Dollar Tree can be availed at a dollar a piece or a set. From solid-colored pieces to patterned ones for a more eclectic look and taste, you can find a wide range of products here. The tableware can be chosen in two colors for example so that you have a dual shade theme running throughout the party. While you are at it, do not forget to get patterned glasses along with paper napkins that will match those patterns. Arrange all of it on a table and fold the napkins and place one with each glass so that your guests can serve themselves and find all the essentials in one place.

• Serveware: Dollar Tree has some wonderful options for serve ware. The clear, glass-inspired plastic serve ware happens to be our favorite. You should choose at least two pieces each for a medium sized to larger party so that you have at least two stations where people can serve themselves. For large gatherings, you should have at least four pieces of each type of serve ware with an extra or two so that you do not run out of serving platters and bowls. You should have plenty of pieces to serve snacks as well as dinner for your guests. These are also ideal for kid’s birthday parties because they are lightweight and will not lead to injuries because they do not break easily.

• Curios: A few crystal curios, candlesticks and vases will lend an elegant feel to your room. So invest in a few pieces for your party from Dollar Tree.

• Bunting: You can buy balloons and streamers for your party from Dollar Tree, depending on your theme or simply match them with the color of your crockery.

• Favors: Get pretty gift bags with many gifts for all ages from this store.