How to remove coffee stains, pet mess, and ink stains from your carpet

No matter how many precautions you take, your carpet is bound to get stains whether from kids and their activities, from pets and their urines, or from tea or coffee spills. You cannot rule out every such occurrence to keep the carpet clean. There are many ways to find the best carpet stain removers right at home.

  • Coffee Stains: You might be a coffee person, but coffee spills can leave a tough stain on your beautiful carpet and make it filthy. Sometimes these yellowish stains can be mistaken for some pet mess. Remove these stains with a simple yet useful solution. Blot the stained part with a dry piece of cloth. For a large spillage, ensure not to spread the stain because in that case, the stain becomes more saturated. Use a mixture of vinegar along with water, a sprinkle of a gentle detergent, and then go for rinsing. Several detergents are available in the market for this kind of stains, but make sure to do a patch test first as many chemicals can hamper the fabric and even irritate the skin.
  • Pet Mess: If you have a pet at home, you probably face this issue often. But you need not worry as there are many methods you can use as best carpet stain removers to get rid of the odor after such accidents. First, you must clean up the mess. Remove the mess with the help of gloves, in case it’s still wet, use the blot technique to remove the moisture without smearing. Repeat until the carpet is dry. If the stain is already dry, you need to reverse the process to moisten it. Now apply a carpet stain cleaning product which is specifically formulated for such stains. If you need to remove the odor as well as the spot, you can try some solutions such as white vinegar or white wine for this purpose. Mix ¼ cup of vinegar with ¼ cup of warm water and spray it on the stain. Let it soak for some minutes and then blot to make the stain and the odor disappear. Or you can mix ¼ of water with detergent in a spray bottle, let it soak, and blot. Now rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Ink Stains: Ink can be a serious mess and can wreck fabrics as well as carpets to destroy your beautiful interior. However, there are certain ways to handle such mess with fast reflexes and some useful household products. Following are some of the effective ways of removing ink carpet stains. Moist a piece of cloth with isopropyl alcohol; a more concentrated solution can be more effective. Dab the cloth on the stain, but don’t rub or scrub as it may spread the stain. Keep it this way for some time and use vacuum (liquid friendly) to remove the extra moisture. In this case, even hairspray or nail polish remover can work which has alcohol as a constituent. While using any such chemical, make sure to clean with water, blot, or use vacuum machine to dry.

In the market, there are some chemicals or products which can be used as best carpet stain removals. Some popular ones are BISSELL Carpet Cleaning Formulas, RESOLVE Carpet Cleaners and so on. You can try popular brands such as OxiClean for your carpets. In the case of a tough stain, use as per the guidelines, and you can repeat with vinegar sprinkler method to remove the stains. Always test at a sample area to be sure about the possible reaction or negative effect of these products.