How to redo a small bathroom

Small bathroom remodeling can be a challenging task but often an essential one. But with a bit of careful planning and creativity, you can not only remodel your bathroom to make it more functional but also add value to your property. Here are some helpful tips to make the most of your small bathroom remodeling task.

Make a list
To begin with, you can separate the essential components from the non-essential ones of your small bathroom remodeling plan. Do you need a complete overhaul of the bathroom design or just change a few things like the sink and the vanity? Do you need to change all plumbing fixtures and install a new tub and shower panel? Do you need to remove old flooring and move the drain lines? Questions like these can help you avoid unnecessary design fixes and save your money and time.

Fix the design plan
After making a list of important tasks, you can then think of design and functional aspects of the bathroom. Consider factors like ventilation, lights, wall paint, shower door, sink design, etc. If possible, always make space for ventilation to avoid problems like mold, which is very common in moist spaces. Air circulation and availability of natural light can keep mildew out of your bathroom. The colors of the walls can make your bathroom look spacious and open. Neutral colors often work best in small bathroom designs. You can brighten up space through colorful accessories like storage boxes and small decorative accents like vases, planters and picture frames.

Shop wisely
The next step is to research about different fixtures you will need as per your needs. Look for new trends, designs and cost of all lights, plumbing, and cabinets. Once you know what is available in the market as per your budget, you can buy them from brick-and-mortar design stores or through an online retail store. This step can help you save a considerable amount of money as you can order the items from different places that offer the best deals.

Get the basic work done
Another important aspect to consider before your begin your small bathroom remodeling project is deciding whether you will complete the task yourself or hire a professional to do it. It is better to hire a professional for the job if you are attempting a complete renovation of your bathroom. For extensive work, you may need to install new electric lines and move the plumbing. Such work is better left to skilled contractors. If you don’t want to outsource the entire remodeling work, you can take up whatever you can do easily such as installing racks, shelves and may be painting the walls.

Follow the budget
Now, calculate the cost as per your planning and design ideas. If the cost of your small bathroom remodeling fits your budget, you can go ahead. If not, you can trim the budget by tweaking a few design elements and changing a few fixtures. If there is space in your expense budget for a few more improvements, you can splurge on a vanity or get a really fancy tile or that pendant light you always wanted in your bathroom.