How to pick the best name for your baby

Choosing a baby name can be fun as well as a terrifying experience for new parents. And why wouldn’t it be! A baby’s name will be the foundation of her/ his identity, and that’s why it must be perfect! The experience of a picking name for the baby varies for every parent. It could come quickly or even take months. So, if you haven’t chosen a name for your baby, don’t worry, you’ll eventually find the best pick. Meanwhile until you scratch your head and think hard, here are some suggestions that can help you decide the perfect name for your baby.

How does it sound?
When you are picking a baby name, say it out loud and contemplate whether it sounds right. Figure out if it makes you happy when it’s uttered. Also check whether the name that you have picked perfectly balances with your last name.

Consent as a couple
If you have arrived on a consensus with your partner regarding the name, half of the battle is already won. If not, don’t bicker over it. Sit down with them, see which names they fancy, note down options and gain some perspective.

The unique factor
There are many amazing names, but sometimes they can come across as undesirable as they are too popular. If you don’t have a strong liking for particularly common names, you can research for rare baby names. But make sure that you don’t pick something extremely eccentric. If you decide a name, test it out, by talking about it to your loved ones. If it gets too difficult to resolve then think of a high school situation, and wonder if you would like this name if you heard it for the first time in a class.

Names from family
Rather than naming your child after some celebrity, you can name your child after a close family relative. This is because it happens to have its own unique and intimate meaning. It could be after your grandparents or siblings or even your best friend. It is the best way to honor and foster a new and an existing relationship.

Find meaning
If you like a name but you are uncertain about it, find its meaning. Maybe after exploring what it infers, you might resonate with it.

Go literally literary
If you happen to be a bibliophile, then you consider shortlisting some names from your favorite books. Your beloved fictional character and your most treasured person in life will be having at least one thing in common.

If you happen to be royally confused, then name the baby after its born. Your baby’s reaction to her/his name can be your first lesson in the universe of parenthood.