How to make a simple buffalo burger at home

Buffalo meat also known as bison, has emerged as a popular red meat variant in the past few decades. It is a yummy alternative to beef, and is a bit expensive too. But if comparisons are drawn, bison is a healthier red meat option. Packed with proteins and essential nutrients, the buffalo meat has less calories and fats as compared to beef.

The animal from which this leaner red meat is acquired is void of any external hormones, steroids or antibiotics for growth and enhancements, unlike the cow. These buffalos raised on the farm are left to graze the grass freely, i.e. it isn’t excessively domesticated, making its meat richer and highly nutritious. This also helps the environment as it naturally curbs the overgrowth of pastures.

In terms of flavor, buffalo meat is mildly sweet, and denser as well. If you are considering to try or switch to buffalo meat, there are many recipes that you can attempt with it. One of the recipes that you can try with the bison meat is the recipe of buffalo burger.

But why start off with a burger? Because a burger is fuss free and familiar part of our diets. It’s fun, easy to make and even easier to gulp down. You can serve this burger for family and friends during the weekends, or just simply whip it together if you are super famished.

Here’s how you can make a simple but a delectable buffalo burger.

So, for a buffalo burger recipe all you need is grounded buffalo meat, seasoning of salt and pepper, sliced onions and celery stalks and some blue cheese. Firstly, you will need to make patties out of the meat by mixing the buffalo meat and the seasonings thoroughly. If you like you can also add some eggs in the patty mixture. On a pan gently sauté sliced onions in butter, with chopped celery and the crumbled blue cheese.

After cooking these ingredients properly, grill the bison patties in another pan in olive oil. Grill them for around 5 to 7 minutes. Remember not to keep them in the pan for too long, as they can get excessively dry. Aim for a medium rare, and then toss them on the grilled buns, add the mixture of caramelized onions and celery. Then slowly incorporate the lettuce leaf, and a tomato slice. You can also add Worcestershire sauce or mayonnaise if you like.

Apart from the juicy buffalo burgers, there are many other recipes that you can experiment with, using the buffalo meat. You can make soups, pastas, kebabs, steaks, meatballs, tacos, pizzas, etc. Check out various cooking websites that can help you with amazing ideas to incorporate buffalo meat in your daily diet.