How to get the best business credit cards

A business credit card provides a way to access funds for your business. This is particularly useful for small businesses. It might not always be easy to get loans. A credit card provides a way to make purchases on credit.
Business credit cards come with higher limits when compared to personal cards. Many business credit cards offer reward programs. Choose the card carefully, see if you can the rewards that are offered.

A small business can benefit from getting a good business credit card. It provides access to ready credit. You a need to have an excellent credit score to get the best cards. Business cards also let you issue cards to your employees.
Business cards offer points for purchases in different categories like office supplies, mobile phones, phone plans, travel etc. Some cards offer rewards exclusively in one category. When you’re looking for cards, see if you can the rewards that are offered.

If you intend to carry a balance on your credit card, look for cards with a low APR. Also look for cards with no annual fee.These types of cards may not offer many perks but they help you keep costs down by offering low interest rates. Understand their conditions about late payment penalties. In some cards, this might involve a higher rate of interest.
Numerous cards offer bonus points if you spend a certain amount within the first few months of getting the card. You can use these points towards purchases, mostly travel related.

Reward cards charge a high annual fee, though some may waive this in the first year. See if the benefits you get are worth the yearly payment. Some cards also offer an intro APR of 0% for a limited period of time. However, regular interest rate does apply when the offer period is done, so check the ongoing rate. If it’s too high, don’t be tempted.

For a very small business that you run from home, you may be able to manage with a personal credit card. However:
â A business credit card enables you to separate business transactions from personal purchases
â A small business credit card helps you build a credit record for yourself and your business
â Many business cards let you to issue cards with limits to your employees
â Business credit cards offer an easy source of credit to your venture
â Business cards help you keep track of expenses
â Many cards let you download statements onto your bookkeeping system
â You can choose low APR cards to keep your expenses down
â You can choose good rewards credit cards to earn rewards on your regular purchases
â Many cards offer travel rewards that can help you save a lot on business travel expenses
â Many business credit cards also offer 0% Fraud Liability on unauthorized usage