How to fight a mold allergy?

Mold allergies can’t be cured, but you can find viable means to manage the conditions. This is because mold can grow at all places including the basement of the house, bathroom, cabinet, sink and even a pile of decaying leaves. If you are affected by mold allergy, you may feel that you are involved in a battle already lost. But fortunately, there are ways in which you can control its effects on your health and lifestyle.

Look before you go
There are certain professions which have more exposure to molds than others. If your doctor has diagnosed you with a mold allergy, make sure you are not involved in farming, agriculture, greenhouses, florists’ shop, antique stores and construction places. If it is not possible to leave your job or reduce the exposure to mold, then you should wear a dust mask and take an allergy medicine beforehand.

Know the places to avoid
Piles of damp leaves and extensive fields are prime areas for the growth of mold. It is understandable that you can’t avoid mowing the land or digging up the soil or getting rid of the weeds. So the best way to steer clear from mold allergy is to wear a dust mask while performing such tasks. Once you are back, take a shower to wash away remaining mold spores on your hair or skin.

Get rid of moisture
Try to make your home free from mold attacks by reducing the amount of moisture in the air. The ideal humidity level in your home must be below 60 percent and decreasing it to about 35 percent is the best. Install air conditioners and dehumidifiers in the home. You can also get some cheap meters that can measure the level of moisture present in your home.

Keep your bathrooms and kitchen clean
Mold can thrive well in damp bathrooms and kitchen. But if you can keep the areas clean rather than allowing soap scum or grease to accumulate, then you can prevent the growth of mold. Installing an exhaust fan will cut down the humidity levels. Also be watchful of garbage bags, door seals and mold formation in the moist, damp areas.

Filter the air in the AC
If your air conditioner has a high-efficiency particulate air filter attachment, then it will effectively filter out all the mold particles out of the home. It is also crucial to keep the drip pans and the drain lines clean. Last but not the least, your dryer vents should be cleaned at regular intervals.

Take quick action
If your rugs or carpets are left wet, take an initiative to dry it as soon as possible. Mop the water from the floor and call the plumber to fix leaking pipes and faucets without much delay. If you feel that your gutters need cleaning, do it immediately.

Such little steps will help you to get rid of the mold in your living place, and you can keep up your good health without facing troubles of mold attack.