Effective bed bug extermination using a steamer

A steamer is the best product for killing bed bugs. It can be used to safely and efficiently get rid of bed bugs and can produce a steam of 120 degrees centigrade, which can instantly destroy bed bugs. A bed bug steamer can reach bedbugs in hidden areas such as cloth wrappers of mattresses and box springs.

Steaming is affordable and efficient, in addition to being reliable and environmentally safe. Bed bugs cannot survive at 120 degrees centigrade, which is why such a level of heat can be helpful in removing them. The process of steaming must begin by steaming the floor, beds, mattresses, walls, cracks, crevices, dressers, curtains, and any other hidden places in the house. Avoid overusing steam as it can dampen the house and beds. Furthermore, refrain from using steam near any electrical outlets. However, this method should be used in all rooms of the house, or in the entire building, as bed bugs can rapidly spread to untreated places.

The sprayer works excellently on the amount of steam and pressure adjustment. The various attachments in the steamer help in exterminating the bed bugs in several places. The steamer helps by penetrating heat to multiple corners of the house and even reaches the tricky parts such as under the carpet and in furniture crevices.

Even the best sprays and pesticides comprise chemicals that can be harmful to the people residing in the house and the building. However, steaming is a safe method as it does not contain any harsh substances. The steam kills the bugs in the bed, bed sheets, curtains, carpets and other items without using any toxic compounds. Another advantage with the bedbug steamer is that it kills bug eggs along with bedbugs, minimizing the chances of a reinfestation.

Steaming is highly useful for killing bed bugs when combined with other treatment methods such as diatomaceous earth and bed bug sprays. The best combination for successfully remove these little bloodsuckers is that of a bed bug spray and a steamer. However, if used without proper protection, the steam can cause severe burns to the skin. A bed bug steamer may not be useful if it cannot produce steam at 120 degrees centigrade or above. At the same time, a steamer’s high hear can ruin the carpet and the floor, so find the right balance while using it.

Using a bed bug steamer before chemical treatment is more helpful compared to steaming post chemical application because the steam vaporizes the chemicals; thus, reducing the steamer’s performance. Airborne chemicals can pose a significant threat to your health.

When a steamer is used more than once, it works efficiently as it persistently removes the residue of bed bugs and their eggs.  However, care should be taken not to use the steam after the chemical sprays are applied; if there is any need of doing so, contact an expert should. Numerous steamer models are available in the market based on the requirements. The best steamer is one that can hold 1.5 liters of water and continuously produce steam for an hour.