How to deep clean a bathroom

As compared to all the areas of the house, the bathroom requires the maximum cleaning. In fact, ideally, you should be cleaning it every day. Now, let’s accept it, nobody likes to wash the bathroom daily. But, if you’re geared up with right tools, you can simplify it. Here’s how.

Get the supplies
First, find out which tools and products work best for cleaning tough stains and dirty corners. From toilet brush, vacuum or broom, detergent, tile and glass cleaners, rubber gloves, mop, duster, grout brush, microfiber, bucket, all-purpose cleaner, etc. See what works best in the minimum time. After a few alterations, go stepwise, as to which tool has to be used first. Once you have the right cleaning supplies, you have nailed half the battle.

Start from the walls
Okay, here’s rule first. Always go from top to bottom. So, start by cleaning the shower heads and wiping the walls. Ventilate your bathroom, open the windows and doors. This will allow the natural fresh air to come in. If bathroom walls are painted, then you may use an all-purpose cleaner to mop them. For a tiled bathroom, the 1:1 dilution mix of water and vinegar would be good. Prefer mopping to vacuum cleaning for painted walls. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe clean the fan and light fixtures. Clean the vents and once a while, treat them with a wax coating to help prevent grime buildup.

Use smart tricks
When cleaning sinks, use a drain snake; this will extract hair and dust, followed by a water rinse. To clean your bathtub, use an all-purpose cleaner. For hard stains, apply a layer of baking soda and leave it for 15 minutes before cleaning with a microfiber cloth. To clear mildew on edges, line them with a cotton coil soaked in bleach. Leave it overnight before cleaning. Funny as it may sound, shampoos and face washes often wok well to clean the taps and sinks. So the next time you plan to throw a spare bottle of face wash, try deep clean the bathroom with it; you’ll be surprised to see the shine!

Try natural cleaners
Use a paper towel soaked in vinegar. Let it sit around sink faucets and fixtures to get rid of hard stains. Wipe to disinfect it. You may use mineral wax to get the shine back on your faucets and metal fixtures. Use the baking soda, a few drops of your favorite essential oil and vinegar on glass surfaces, counter surfaces, and cabinets. While granite and wood surfaces can be cleaned using oil soap, you can apply cream of tartar with a toothbrush to clean white surfaces.

Use bleach
Not all know this, but the bleaching gel can clean the grout efficiently. Clean the floor using an all-purpose cleaner. Leave it for some time if there are hard stains/spots. Do not forget to mop the floor after you deep clean a bathroom. If you work stepwise, it is not difficult to do the deep cleaning of your bathroom. If you have some cleaning appliances, your work may become easier.