How to choose the right alarm system

While deciding to install an alarm system into your home is easy, choosing the right one can be a tough choice. There are several big players like ADT, protection and XFinity in the security industry as well as a few small and regional players. There are vendors that allow you to buy the alarm system directly from them or through authorized contractors. Then there are those who let you install it yourself, but it is always wiser to let the company install it for you.

Read tips about how to choose the right alarm system for your home:

• Sound and monitoring: You can also choose between an alarm system that only makes a high piercing sound but doesn’t offer any monitoring service. This might save you up to $50. But then, you should hope that your neighbors alert the police in case the alarm is sounded off. It therefore makes more sense to buy a monitoring service along with the alarm system and sign up for regular checkups.
• Taking advice: As with any purchase, it helps to ask around a bit. You can talk to neighbors and friends on what kind of alarm systems they have installed.
• Features: there are various options and features to choose from when it comes to alarm systems. You can see if you want one with central control units, one with motion detectors, magnetic doors, detectors for fire/smoke, panic buttons, pressure mats, security cameras or even water detectors.
• Special needs: Focus on your family’s special needs. For example, if you have pets, you might want a system installed that doesn’t pick up false alarms due to their movements. Similarly, if you have elderly people living with you, you might want to install a panic button. You might also want to consider using a solar-powered alarm system if you are particular about your family’s carbon footprint and environmental impact.
• Integrated system You can opt to integrate your alarm system with your home automation system. You can customize it according to your needs, such as if you don’t live in a flood-prone area, then pass on a flood detection system. Other important things to ask your security installation company are whether there is a contract, the duration of the contract, the return policy, the amount of time taken for installation and the fees, the presence of special features, the numbers and addresses of monitoring centers, and the response time of the monitoring center in case of an emergency, etc.

Don’t have an alarm system installed by the first company you call. Ask for a home demonstration and check if they have a money back guarantee most companies with satisfied customers will be happy to provide this.