How to choose perfect baby furniture

The arrival of a baby is one of the most exciting things in the life of a person. Parents-to-be are usually caught up in a whirlwind of activitywhen the due date is around the corner, even as all precautions are taken for the good health of the baby as well as the mother. When we are preparing for the arrival of a baby, there are a number of things that we do starting from setting up a nursery with all the essentials to finding the right doctor for the baby’s infant and growing years.

Setting up a nursery is a matter of making life comfortable for the mother and giving the child as well the parent plenty of space to just be and grow into each other even as all the functions of child rearing are fulfilled. Therefore, this space must be well equipped, safe and even aesthetically pleasing so that it becomes a joy to spend time here. Follow this quick guide to find out the variety of furniture and how you can choose the best pieces for your baby.

The Crib: This is one of the most important things that you will install in your room or the nursery where the baby will be. So, it would be a good idea to take utmost care with the texture, sharp edges and other additions like a musical mobile so that the child is comfortable and safe in the same. You should also ensure that you have chosen a good mattress which is soft and firm at the same time to support the tender and growing bones of the child. Layer this piece of furniture with breathable fabric for the bedding like cotton and linen as well as mattress pads for the railing sides.

Folding and Changing Table: Another important piece of furniture that one requires is a folding and changing table. This table can be used for both functions. It must have some padding so that the baby is comfortable while you are changing his or her diapers. Also, it should give you enough of space when you are folding and stowing things. Choose a piece that can be secured with the help of heavy metal brackets, or a piece that can be installed over the chest of drawers.

Storage: This is one of the most important things which will help you stow and retrieve items as and when you need them. Make sure that you choose a study piece that does not topple easily if you give it a tug. Also, the drawers or the cubbies of the chest or the cupboard should be roomy with plenty of space. But do not choose pieces that are too deep as this can leave you hunting for items and wasting time in the bargain.

Rocker: This is an essential that will be ideal for feeding the child and rocking him or her to sleep. Choose something with plenty of support so that it does not topple and remember to cushion with a comfortable seat.