Choose from different Frye boots to suit your style

The highly sought after and gorgeous Frye boots that you see today had modest beginnings. In 1863, John A. Frye opened his little shoe shop in a small town in England. He was initially only interested in producing functional, comfortable shoes. It was just the beginning, and each generation of the Frye family added their valuable contribution to their business. Today, Frye enjoys a good reputation as suppliers of beautiful, comfortable shoes. If Frye boots are available on sale, make sure you get a pair for yourself, as this brand will become invaluable in your closet!

The Frye shoe company uses leather that is tanned with natural oils to ensure comfort, durability and style. The materials are produced in some of the top tanneries all across the globe. Some of the most common varieties of leather used in Frye boots include:

Glazed vintage leather: This leather is split for tanning, waxing, burning and washing. The result is that the shoes produce a cracked glaze and finish which has a vintage appeal.

Dakota: This form of leather is a chrome tanned leather. This produces the iconic ‘crunch’ effect.

Oiled suede: It is a thick and tough material for the enormous amounts of oil mixed into the leather. This gives it a soft suede feel.

Soft full grain leather: If you are looking for Frye boots for sale which have a slouchy and soft appeal, you should buy the ones made of soft full grain leather. This softness is achieved after the leather is treated in the specialized drums and stretched.

Vintage tumbled full grain: This leather is also tumbled in specialized drums to give a natural distressed appearance along with a soft feel.

When to wear Frye boots
If you are wondering whether buying the Frye boots will be a worthy purchase, then you can rest assured that you can wear them for a variety of different occasions. There are many casual styles which can be worn for casual days and running errands. The wide array of casual styles have everything from chunky lace-up boots and simple booties.

The recreation range can stand the test of time and you can pursue a variety of physical activities wearing these boots. The hiking boots come with strong laces which will help the boots to retain their position even when you are on strenuous and long-drawn hiking.

If you have decided to purchase a pair of Frye boots on sale, you must ensure that the new shoes are properly taken care of. You should use a dry cloth for wiping away dirt and dust. You may also apply weatherproof dressing so that the boots remain conditioned and moisturized. It is advised that you use an oil-based dressing from time to time so that the leather is treated to better endure the regular wear and tear process.