How to buy the best coat for your needs

Coats can be fashionable and chic. They are more than just protection against Jack Frost, adding to and enhancing your style. Use a lighter jacket for summer, to keep dry in summer rain. A casual jacket for weekend and a Monday-to-Friday jacket for office wear are essentials.

What suits you will depending on your body type, your style, and the kind of weather you’re dressing for. For example, if your height is short, a long coat would swamp you. There are certain things to keep in mind before you buy a coat.

Where will you wear it
Where you will wear your coat will determine the type of jacket you buy. Casual looks on the weekend require a different style than office wear.

Consider your height
If you are tall, long coats work well on you, with short coats cutting you off mid-frame. If you are short, long coats will swamp your petite frame, so a shorter length will enhance your appearance. If you are of an average height, then a 3/4th length coat would work the best for you.

Belted trench coats are a fashion icon and they flatter many body shapes while providing warmth and rain protection.

Choose the right colors
Pair neutral outfits with bright colored coats to brighten up a dreary day. Winters can be dull and gloomy, but a perfect occasion to flaunt a bright colored coat. Alternatively, invest in a neutral black or beige jacket. Coats can be expensive, and being in a neutral color means that the jacket will easily match most outfits. Versatile wardrobe options means you can invest more to buy a quality product.

Waterproof? Down? Wool?
Different types of jackets offer protection against different types of weather. Waterproof jackets are for sudden downpours, or those misty grey days. Down jackets, including the ubiquitous puffer jacket, are perfect for the freezing nights when you need extra warmth. Wool jackets come in varying weights and styles. These are the most versatile, in a multitude of styles, colors, and shapes. Perfect for office use, or a heavy long jacket when you’re on the sideline of a football game. Leather jackets are acceptable in any scenario. However the leather will start to absorb water over time, and doesn’t provide much protection against the wind. They are a fashionable option and will give an urban edge to any outfit.

Don’t forget to accessorize. A cute scarf, tied and tucked at the neck, will stop warmth escaping around the neckline, and can provide a dash of color to a neutral coat. Gloves in matching shades will keep Jack Frost from nibbling on your fingers. Finally, a hat is the exclamation mark for any outfit, and the perfect foil for misty days.