How to buy genuine cowboy boots

Let’s be honest! Cowboy boots are never out of fashion. But they are also often not genuine. If you are a man with a love for boots, then you have to know your shoes well. Your shoes can make you feel like a new man or diminish your entire outfit. Get to know how cowboy boots originated and learn about them with this guide.

Many people are intimidated when they see the variety of options available. It is not a complex task to buy cowboy boots if you know what you are going to wear them for. If you are hesitant about buying cowboy boots, then read this guide to buying your dream boots.

Check the sole
Before zeroing in on the boot, check the sole. If you are looking for original cowboy boots, it will have Cuban heels. The distinct feature of these heels is that they are stacked. This is mandatory for a cowboy boot. Stacked heels that are under-slung and angled are part of the original cowboy boot design.

Cuban heels allow the cowboy to maintain grip on the stirrups while riding the horse. Any other boot with a different or smaller heel is not based on the original cowboy boot design. It could be Rodeo, Ropers, or a generic work boot. So don’t forget to check the sole.

Not a lacy affair
Laces are part of formal shoes and definitely do not feature in a cowboy boot. The cowboy boots design includes a wide toe-box with strengthened top part. Lace does not add to the functionality of the shoe.

When looking for cowboy boots, see that there are no laces on the boot. Cowboy boots have pull-straps or boot-straps which you can use to pull the boots on. Laces are details that do not come with original cowboy boots. Simply put, if there are laces, they are not classic western cowboy boots.

Look for a mid calf boot shaft
Classic cowboy boots have a maximum 12 inches of shaft length. The shaft should cover your calf halfway when you pull it on using boot-straps. This is an important feature as the cowboys needed to be keep safe from snakes and weeds.

The top of the shafts are decorative and have a dip or a cut to enable wearing the boot.

So these three items are the basic components to look for when you are choosing your cowboy boots. They should have an angled stack heel. They should not have any fancy laces, and the shaft should rise to mid calf.

When you find these three in a man’s cowboy boots, that is the original western cowboy boot. Now, buy ’em and ride ’em!