How the Obama Phone program helps those in need

The origin of Obama free cellphones was a surprise hack for the needful who could not afford a telecommunications aspect on the mode of communication. This, in fact, began with the advent of the cellphone. Under the Reagan administration, the FCC started with the Universal Access Initiative. The main motive behind the initiative was to provide affordable and equal services to every consumer at an economical rate. Research led to the advent of the free Obama cell phones. In the mid-1980s, this was done for those below the poverty line and was given at a subsidized rate, also including landlines. In 1996, the FCC brought in the telecommunications act, stating that all the providers of telecommunications should contribute to a fund that helps in the advancement of the telecommunication services. Those with low income were charged a very minimal amount compared to the standard rates. Barack Obama followed the telecommunications advent started by Bill Clinton and their predecessors for supporting the telecommunications program and started with the free Obama Phone program. The Obama free cell phone program helps those in the midst of an economic crisis, and it is seen that almost 20 million people have signed up for the program.

The eligibility to procure a free cell phone under the Obama Phone program is not easy. This is a lifeline assistance initiative; hence, unless you struggle financially or are below financial poverty line, you are not going to be able to avail a free phone. This program is funded by the federal government and is regulated by different state governments. From state to state, the eligibility for the Obama free cell phones would vary on all the offers like talk time and texting offers. Federal assistance programs like Medicaid, Food stamps, and supplemental security income are the eligibility programs as per every state, but in some states, eligibility is measured as per few other programs like GAIN, CalWORKs, Oklahoma sales tax relief, MassHealth, and Head Start tribal lands. They only sponsor low-end cellphones and subsidize the cost of landlines. These phone assistance programs are either named Link-up or lifeline assistance. They pay for the phone installation as well. Companies like SafeLink Wireless, Assurance Wireless, and Reach Out Wireless are the lifeline assistance Obama free cell phone programs that deliver the government approved phones to eligible people. These companies were pulled off by many large cellphone companies to specialize on the lifeline assistance programs.