How do shampoos help fight hair loss?

Hair loss is a very common problem in both men and women. Hair loss can be caused by a various reason. Apart from usage of incorrect shampoo for your hair, there are other factors that affect hair loss such as regular hair wash, maintaining hygiene of the hair, intake of healthy or good nutritional food, regular shampooing, to name a few. Not all hair loss reasons are associated with any internal disease or improper hair hygiene or poor diet. Some of the people might experience hair loss at an early age or later even due to predetermined genetic factors.

In order to pick the best shampoo for hair loss, you need to first determine why do you have hair fall. Some people experience hair loss due to excessive dandruff that causes itchiness in the scalp and dampens the roots of the hair. This, in turn, loosens up the hair and result in hair loss. On the other hand, lack of hydration or if you’re not drinking enough water in a day, you can experience hair loss.

A shampoo is made up of a lot of ingredients. Some of the main components in a shampoo are Sodium laureth sulfate, Zinc carbonite, Magnesium sulfate, Sodium chloride, Sodium xylene sulfonate, Pyrithione zinc, Sodium benzoate, to name a few.

Which are the ingredients in shampoo that promote hair growth?
A part of vitamin B complex, Biotin, which also known as vitamin Pro B is used in some shampoos. This particular vitamin accelerates cell function in the hair and promotes hair growth.

Amino acids are an ingredient that helps build protein, which is required for your hair growth as well. Not all shampoos have amino acids and therefore, it is necessary to read the labels on shampoo to pick the right product.

If you’re looking for the best shampoo for dry hair, then you should consider using the shampoos that contain natural moisturizers. These include ingredients like coconut oil, avocado oil, and shea butter, to name a few. The natural moisturizers help to lock in the moisture in the hair and also keep the hair hydrated all day, keeping the shine intact.

People with oily hair can pick shampoos that have lemon and other citrus ingredients. These elements remove the dirt from the hair and scalp and also make them feel soft. In order to have a clarifying effect, some people may also use green tea.