Home remedies for treating a cold

Most of the times, your common cold will go away on its own if you take some simple precautions and remedies. These remedies are very common and easy to administer.

Having plenty of rest: Doctors advise that people suffering from cough and cold must have a good night’s sleep. Ample rest boosts the overall immunity of the patient and helps fight cold and cough.

Avoiding exercise: While it is good to stick to a fitness regime, avoid exercising when you are suffering from cough or cold. Let your body relax. Exercises may stretch your immune system and this can only prolong your illness.

Staying hydrated: People suffering from cold resist drinking water and other fluids. However, when you drink lots of water, the mucus sticking inside your respiratory tract loosens down and this leads you to feel better. On the advice of your doctor, you may also use a nasal saline spray to break the excess mucus down. Gargling with warm water also helps in fighting cold.

Hot tea: Having hot tea helps in several ways to combat your cold. Firstly, it loosens up the excess mucus in your respiratory tract. Secondly, hot fluids kill the viruses that are lurking inside your nose and throat. Lastly, having a hot cup of tea releases endorphins, molecules that cause happiness, which raise your spirits and make your recovery faster.

Adding honey to cold remedies: In a study from the Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine, parents of 105 kids suffering from cold said that adding honey to common cold remedies was more effective than using cough syrups alone. Honey helped in overcoming sleep difficulty as well.

Menthol: Menthol has been a very popular remedy for treating common cold. It affects the nerve endings in your nose and makes you feel better. However, a recent study indicates that menthol based remedies increase the production of mucus rather than reducing it. If you still want to use menthol, do not apply the balm near or inside your nose.

Hot brandy: Contrary to popular perception, alcohol based remedies have a limited effect on your cold. Doctors say that having a brandy or any other alcohol based remedy can cause dehydration and may prolong your cold.

Having garlic: This organic food helps people in fighting cold immensely. You can have it in a crushed form, or eat it as a capsule. Garlic not only fights off cold, it also prevents people from catching this disease.

While there are many common remedies to fight common cold, the best medication for a cold is ample rest.