Here’s why you should buy the Nintendo 2DS

Although Nintendo 2DS might not be the best gaming console offered by Nintendo, it may be the right one for young gamers. No one would have thought that Nintendo would take off their 3D feature and reintroduce their mid-generation gaming console. The 2DS brings in the traditional gaming experience, which is a treat for young gamers. The Nintendo 2DS, which was released in 2013 later got upgraded to 2DS XL, which is everything like a 3DS minus the 3D experience. Let us take a look at the Nintendo 2DS and find whether it is still a good gaming console.

When it comes to durability, the Nintendo 2DS has a tough plastic cover that sits flush to the console screen. However, the lower screen is more vulnerable since it remains exposed while playing. However, there are many covers available to protect it, which cost as low as $10. The 2DS has the same screen resolution as that of the Nintendo 3DS and one can play every game on both the devices thanks to the reverse compatibility. The 2DS has more battery life as there is no 3D display. The Nintendo 2Ds like 3DS has twin 0.3-megapixel cameras, which can capture 3D images but viewing requires a 3DS. The Nintendo 2DS has a similar build like the 3DS with a more centralized placement of the keys and no hinge in the center. Like 3DS the Nintendo 2DS has built-in Wi-Fi, thereby allowing the gamers to play multiplayer games in a local network as well as online. The 2DS also has a browser which can be opened while remaining in the game and enjoy a quick browse. The 2DS supports spot pass and street pass which helps the gamers to download new contents via Wi-Fi and share information with any 2DS or 3DS console owners in the vicinity via Wi-Fi.

Nintendo 2Ds is the most affordable portable Nintendo console for young gamers or someone who is not interested in 3D visuals. The console provides a 4GB memory stick and it gives the players access to all the game library for every portable console including 3DS. The device also comes with a free download code for the famous Mario Kart 7. However, for some gamers, the Nintendo 2DS is quite cheap and has only one speaker, which can turn down some players. Although it is designed for a young gamer, Nintendo 2DS is no way designed to survive a bad fall which is a minus for many parents who wish to gift their kids with a Nintendo Console. The device, however, is a good entertainment option for approximately $80.