Here’s What You Need to Know about the Eligibility Criteria for SafeLink’s Lifeline Program

SafeLink Wireless is provided by a company called Tracfone Wireless. This program enables eligible applicants to receive free mobile service and a free SafeLink Wireless mobile phone without any bills. The Lifeline program exists so that low-income consumers may afford phone services; this program offered through SafeLink is funded by the federal Universal Service Fund which is administered by the United States Federal Communications Commission. The following pointers will help you know if you can qualify for their services.

Eligibility criteria

To qualify for the SafeLink Wireless service, applicants should meet the Income Poverty Guidelines as described by the US Government. The SafeLink Wireless Lifeline program is available to qualifying customers in specific states and territories. To qualify, applicants must have an income equal to or less than 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or be a participant in one of the below-mentioned government assistance programs:
– Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit
– Medicaid
– Supplemental Security Income
– Federal Public Housing Assistance
– Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Food Stamps

In some states, participants of programs such as Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations, and Tribal Head Start are also eligible to apply for services offered by SafeLink Wireless.

The application process

The SafeLink Wireless program is limited to one member per household. The applicant has to complete an application form and provide copies of documents to prove that they are eligible to participate in the Lifeline program. They must also notify SafeLink within 30 days if there is a change of address or if they no longer meet the eligibility criteria. Once an applicant qualifies, they are enrolled in the program and are eligible to get a free mobile with free airtime minutes for each month for up to 1 year. After that, the customer must re-certify whether they still meet the eligibility criteria to qualify for the SafeLink Wireless Lifeline program. If a consumer is already a part of the Lifeline program and is using a different service provider, he or she can switch to SafeLink very easily and avail the benefits that come with SafeLink Wireless.

SafeLink phones and plans

SafeLink has various options for each region. Consumers can either use their own phone or choose to receive a free SafeLink smartphone. If they use their own phone, it has to either be a SafeLink compatible phone or an unlocked one. Most GSM smartphones are SafeLink compatible.

If consumers use their own phone, they can avail a bonus free service and can choose from various unlimited plans. Some options include a free SIM card, unlimited texts, 350 free airtime minutes per month, 1.5GB/month of free data for the first 3 months and 1GB per month after that, and much more. Extra airtime and data are available for purchase on their official website.

If customers choose to receive a free smartphone, the model they will receive depends on availability based on SafeLink’s inventory. They also get benefits with the free smartphone, such as 1GB per month of free data, unlimited texts, 350 free minutes of airtime per month, 3-way calling voicemail, free 411 directory assistance, caller ID, and much more. You can buy additional data plans and airtime minutes on the SafeLink website.

Customers who are in the program but don’t have a smartphone can also buy one for around $39 and transfer their benefits. Some smartphone models include Alcatel Ideal 4.5 LTE, Doro SmartEasy 5.0 LTE, Motorola Moto E LTE, LG Google Nexus 4 8GB, Samsung Galaxy Sol LTE, LG G4 LTE, BLU S1 LTE, etc.

SafeLink Wireless is now available in over 40 states and territories and new regions are constantly being added. Availability can be checked by entering the area zip code on the SafeLink website. With SafeLink phones, customers get nationwide coverage on the country’s best networks, latest smartphones, and unlimited airtime and data plans. You can visit their official website to know more.