Here’s how to remove urine stains and odors from mattresses

It can be a daunting task when you need to clean up after your pet decides to make your bed mattress their washroom. The smell of the urine is itself repulsive enough for you to consider changing the entire bedding. That, however, is not a practical idea. One of the reasons that make a stain of this type difficult to remove is the presence of uric and acid crystals in the urine. Any type of urine, whether from your pet or a human being has these, but you need not worry anymore.

This issue can be resolved by using enzyme-based cleaning products. Regular use of products including soaps and other active chemicals are unable to work as these are not strong enough to break the uric acid crystals. Therefore, it is recommended to do away with the urine odor and stain by using pet stain removal products designed to destroy uric acid. This is how enzyme-based urine stain removers work.

Enzyme-based urine stain remover contains the ideal combination of enzymes with some other ingredients to destroy uric acid crystals. These are capable enough to kill the bacteria surrounding the urine leading to a terrible odor. There are several useful urine removal products in the market. However, it is a good idea to choose the remover based on age and size of the stain. To fully clean the urine stain, certain guidelines can help fasten the process and remove the odor.

Important precautions must be followed when we wish to remove urine stain using a strong pet stain removal agents. Enzyme cleaners don’t harm the surface of the mattress, but it is recommended to remove all bedding arrangement before applying the urine stain remover. Kindly follow the guidelines mentioned below to remove the stain completely.

Tips to handle fresh urine deposits

  • Don’t use any local cleaners or chemicals on the stain.
  • Soak up the maximum amount of the urine by blotting it with paper towels or cloth.
  • Use a considerable amount of the urine stain remover so that the product soaks the maximum amount of urine through the mattress.
  • Remember to allow it to air dry.
  • Remove the urine residue by applying some water to the area and blotting it with a paper towel.

Tips to remove old dried urine stains
Long-term urine exposure can damage the dyes in the mattress fabric. Such a damage is not common and even the best urine remover cannot undo the damage. Do not use any local cleaners or chemicals to clean the stain. The enzyme-based cleaner should be able to contact the urine soaked material to remove both the odor and stain as well. Saturate the affected area and cover it with plastic wraps for one or two days. It will allow the product to work for longer periods of time. While the first application of the product works on the stain, the urine odor may increase. This is normal and shows that the urine is being broken and rising to the surface of the mattress. You must allow it to air dry to get positive results.

In case the stain is still visible after the air-dry, repeat the application for the next few days until the stain is not visible and the odor is totally removed. Afterwards, take out the residue by applying some water to the area and mark it up with a paper towel.
If you are looking to get your mattress free of urine odor and stain, make sure to purchase a superior quality urine stain remover from the market.