Here’s how memory foam and spring mattresses help to sleep well

Every person needs deep and comfortable sleep for about 6 hours at night. The comfort and support provided by a mattress would allow the person to have a nice sleep after an exhausting day. The levels of physical strain taken and the amount of work sitting in one place might be different for person to person. In both the cases, the person might feel exhausted in different ways. The design of the mattress can be a crucial factor in providing the best possible relief while sleeping. Thus we need to consider some factors while making a selection of a mattress that would provide comfort and which would be used for many years.

Tempur Pedic mattresses are one of the most popular choices among consumers. Most soft and medium Tempur Pedic Mattresses would have memory foam at the top layer of the mattresses. This is the specialized material that provides a proper cushioning effect to the body as you sleep. The pressure exerted on the top surface of the mattress when a person sleeps in different positions would be different. The most crucial aspect would be an adaption of the shape of the body contours by the top surface of the mattress while it still provides proper support to the body wherever needed.

Another crucial aspect that determines the comfort and rest is the position of the spine as we sleep. Proper cushioning ensures that the spine would retain its original “S” position and we can have much comfortable sleep on such mattresses compared to firmer surfaces. The elastic material ensures elimination of pressure points. The structure of the mattress can relieve the pressure due to the memory foam. The upper surface would be much flexible wherever the pressure is exerted on it. Thus the top surface of the mattress would allow the body contours to sink in a bit and at the same time, it would provide proper support. The natural shape of spine sinks into the mattress providing utmost relaxation to the entire mescaline build throughout the body. Memory foam would provide proper shoulder support and lumbar support while sleeping in both reclining and supine positions.

Another type of mattress called the Pocket Spring versions of soft and firm mattresses provide comfortable springing action. The major advantage of this type of mattress is that every helical spring or the substance used in the mattress providing the springing action can act individually. When we sleep on these mattresses, the springs would be compressed according to the pressure exerted on the top surface and we will feel the cushioning effect of the mattress. As we change our sleeping position, the springs from which the pressure would be released would come back to their original shape and the part of the top surface on which we sleep would be sinking accordingly due to the shifting body weight.

Another great choice would be to have a combination of springs at the bottom layer and memory foam at the top. This can be advantageous as it would provide benefits of both the types of mattresses. Most of the modern Tempur Pedic Mattresses are designed using this combination as the base. The resulting surface is soft, medium or firm according to the design parameters of different layers of the mattresses.