Here’s a comparison of popular cell phone plans

We all know that Verizon and T-Mobile are among one of the popular service providers.  There are many cell phone plans offered by them. Here is a brief cell phone plan comparison of the two operators. This cell phone plans comparison will help you understand the types of plans both companies offer.

Verizon Wireless

  • Small (2GB data and unlimited calls and texts at USD 35/month): This is a one-month plan. It is a perfect plan for light Internet users. 2GB for a month is enough if you don’t have to download heavy files. The price is affordable as there are many expensive plans offered by different service providers as well. The unlimited calls and SMSs is an add-on benefit to this plan.
  • Unlimited (Unlimited data, calls, and texts at USD 80/month): This plan is for anyone who needs high-speed Internet for browsing, streaming videos and using all social media apps at the same time. It is perfect for heavy data users as it offers an uninterrupted experience. Also, the unlimited texts and calls are a bonus, here.


  • USD 80/month for a single line: If you connect with people only through Internet, then this is a perfect plan for you. It offers 4G speed for the first 10GB. The speed will be reduced to 3G once the set limit is crossed.
  • USD 45/month: This plan is a good option for users who need the Internet just on-the-go and usually, depending on Wi-Fi. It is also good for people having 4G phones. The duration of this plan is a little less. But, this plan is specially made for 4G device users as it offers high-speed 4G data to its consumers.

This cell phone plans comparison gives us a gist of the plans provided by the two service providers. Though it does not list all the plans by these providers, it surely gives you a fair idea about the kind of offers they have.