Here are the things you can do with Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini is an audio-controlled speaker that one can use for many functions namely- playing music, controlling smart home gadgets, and answering trivia questions. This mini speaker can also be used for adding tasks to a to-do list, adding reminders and appointments, and playing videos on a screen that is Chromecast enabled.

You can welcome the smallest version of Google Home and Google’s famous voice assistant by purchasing a Google Home Mini. If you already have a Google Home Mini, there here are some unusual features you should definitely try out!

Make it tell you jokes
Google Assistant is known for its sense of humor. Therefore, apart from using it for the usual things, you can just ask your Google Home Mini to tell you a joke. For this, all you need to do is, say “OK Google, tell me a joke”, then sit back and let it amuse you. Additionally, if you don’t find the jokes funny, you can tell your Mini to simply tell Mini the same and it will change its idea of funny without getting offended.

Use third-party services
Both, Google Home and Google Home Mini, let you interact with certain professional services. These services include Netflix, YouTube, Uber, Domino’s Pizza, The Wall Street Journal, and NPR One. To use these services, all you have to do is say that you want to use the service (service’s name) and that’s it, you will be directed to the service instantly.

Additionally, while the device does not allow you to book flight tickets yet, you can easily look up flight information and add a reminder telling you to book it later!

Make it remember things for you
You might have a really sharp memory, but at some point, we all need a little reminder. Google Home Mini makes this job effortless for you. If you have certain tasks that you cannot afford to forget, you can simply ask the device to remember something for you. So, if you cannot remember where you have kept your keys, you can simply tell the Google Home Mini that you have kept it in the front drawer, and it will remind you the next time you ask it.

Use it to set a timer and event reminder
You can also use the Google Home Mini to remind you of big and small events. So, if you are cooking a meal and have kept food in the oven, requiring you to wait for 30 minutes, your Google Home Mini will remind you to check the food after exactly 30 minutes. Likewise, you can ask Google Home Mini to remind you of other important events as well.