Here Are the Best Shaving Blades You Need

Beards are back and in fashion and while everyone wants to grow a long beard, maintaining one is easier said than done. Regular trimming, shaping, and threading of the beard are very important to maintain the classy look of your beard. Salon and barber visits can be quite expensive which is why you should get your own kit at home. These days, there are tons of different brands in the market that sell some of the best single shaving blade kits for that precise shave and trim. A lot of kits also come with scissors, smaller blades and blade sharpeners to ensure that you get a salon-like finish in your home and by yourself. Here are some of the best brands that make single shaving blade razors for your bearded look.

Classic Samurai
This is another famous household brand for razors and shaving kits. Classic Samurai has straight blade razors and a lot of other variations in razors to help you get that perfect cut for your beard and hairline. 100% stainless steel material ensures the blades never rust and are completely water resistant as well. These straight shaving blade kits are extremely compact and lightweight making them perfect for traveling. For a single blade, this is a slightly more expensive option which comes for around $14. Classic Samurai is a very reputed company in the shaving industry for their superior quality shaving tools made available to the customers at extremely affordable rates.

Smoov Groom
This company manufactures and sells some of the classiest and trendy shaving tools and equipment in the industry. The professional barber range has a lot of different tools and equipment which you need to get that perfect salon-like trim and cut for your hair, beard, and mustache. The straight edge shaving blade with the wooden hand is a slightly more expensive option but is a very cool tool to have in your shaving kit. It looks sleek, fits perfectly in the palm while shaving and also provides a smooth and close shave. This helps you get into those tiny unreachable corners of your hairline and your beard to give you that chiseled look. It comes with 10 disposable blades when you buy it online. The brand guarantees that the wood used is of finest quality that would tarnish with everyday use.

Similar to Smoov Groom, Sanguine also has a wooden edge single shaving blade razor which is more affordable than the Smoov Groom one. This shaving blade also has a wooden handle which is shaped to fit the grooves of the palm and to make the overall shaving experience smooth and quick. The shaving blade also comes with a classy pouch which is perfect for traveling. The wooden handle isn’t polished or painted so as to maintain the rustic yet classy look of the wood. That doesn’t mean that the wood will get spoilt over time; you don’t have to worry about anything of that sorts. Along with the free Sanguine leather pouch, you also get a pack of free blades. This is the perfect deal for under $15.

This is a high-end brand with extremely classy, sophisticated and sleek packaging. The brand wants to provide the perfect shave for a man’s beard yet they also want to provide a certain level of class and sophistication to their equipment while you enjoy your shave. The 4 piece shaving blade kit is the perfect kit for all your beard shaving needs. You can purchase this from any store offline and online on Amazon. This is almost double the cost of other single shaving blade razor kits on the market, but it is definitely worth the price. The kit comes with a shaving brush, 1 razor, 1 razor sharpener, and a case. This is also ideal for traveling and you do not have to worry about any airport issues.