Health insurance plans, things to know

It’s common knowledge that health insurance is something that everyone needs to have in the country. Everyone also knows that health insurance is something that can save your life at some point or the other. But what makes health insurance mandatory? Can’t we just live without it? Unfortunately not.

Why It’s Mandatory
The government wants to ensure that no person in the country is living without proper coverage in case something happens to them. Whether you’re down with the flu, or have been in a huge accident, having insurance can be potentially life-saving. It can also cover a lot of costs for you that can otherwise be too expensive.

That’s the main reason why the government mandates that everyone have health insurance. In theory, that sounds like a great thing. But the problem arises when you try and find a health insurance plan that can cater to your needs without being brutal on your wallet.

There are some plans that provide total and comprehensive coverage, but the premiums for those can be well out of reach for most people.
US isnt like Europe, where everyone has some form of social security cover. We have to get our own coverage and ensure that we all pay it on time.
But there are ways to get affordable coverage. Here are some accepted insurance plans that the government will accept as valid coverage.

Accepted Insurance Plans

For starters, if you work in a private company and the company provides their employees insurance, that’s an acceptable form of insurance. This insurance can not only cover you, but it can also be acceptable for your immediate family.

  • If you’re working for a private company and don’t have insurance cover, ask your employer and see if there’s any provision to get it. That can save you a lot of money.
  • Another method of getting insurance is if one of your family members is in the Armed forces. Armed forces and their families, even veterans, are entitled to get coverage through the TRICAID and Veteran’s Administration programs.
  • If you have to purchase insurance, then you’ll have to get insurance that’s at least at the Bronze level. Anything lower than that level will not be accepted by the government as coverage. Ensure that you get something that caters to your and your family’s medical needs. That can be a lifesaver.
    Insurance doesn’t have to be have to be a headache. It can be simple with some proper research and finding out what your needs are. Look around and see what you can find. It can be easier than you think.