Guide to buy the best mattress

Buying a new mattress is an important decision-making process since most good quality mattresses are not cheap and a mattress is one of those products that we use for many years together. The guide given below can help buy the best mattress available to you today:

Select a Budget:
Budget is such a personal matter, it varies from person to person. When it comes to mattresses, a budget can significantly affect the quality and type of mattress that will be purchased. With the advancement in online retailing for mattresses, it is now much cheaper to pick a customized mattress online rather than buying it in store, which can often be expensive even without customizations. It is now easy to scout for sales and get a great mattress on a modest budget. Retails stores often mark up their mattresses by margins of up to 300% to 1000%. For a regular queen sized mattress, the prices online and in-store can vary as much as 58% to 64%. In real money figures, this amount can be a lot.

  • Some ways to set a budget for a good mattress are:
    Remember that price is not necessarily equal to the quality, especially when buying a mattress in the store. It is always good to research online and compare prices before purchasing a mattress.
  • A budget should be set by keeping in mind the durability of the mattress since mattresses can last a long time. Scrimping too much on a mattress can result in a bad deal and the need to change the mattress well before its time.
  • For a bigger mattress, like a king size or California size, the budget may have to be increased.
    Spending less than 400-500 bucks on a mattress can be risky as most good quality mattresses cost more than this price range.
  • When setting a budget for a good quality mattress, remember the long-term effects of sleeping well on your physical and mental health. Most mattresses serve well for over a decade, so calculate the cost per day and understand the choices available.

Decide if a replacement is required:
A good benchmark figure to decide whether a mattress needs to be changed or not is to see the number of years it has been in service. Anything upwards of 8 years may need to be changed, but the quality of sleep you get on the mattress is the most important determinant. Sometimes, merely changing the topmost layer or adding support along with the mattress does the job.

Type of Mattress:
The most basic selection anyone makes when choosing a mattress is between coils or foam. Coils are the more traditional route and offer good bounce and support, while foam mattresses offer a unique, personalized feel.

Firmness of the Mattress:
To buy the best mattresses, one must consider their needs of firmness. Some people like beds that are stiff and provide right firmness throughout the night, while some prefer a slightly soft mattress that feels plusher than firm. The firmness of a mattress is calculated on a scale of 1 to 10. Most people prefer the firmness that falls between the ranges of 5 to 7 out of 10. Side sleepers may prefer a range of 4 to 5, while those who sleep on their stomach or back need a firmness around the scale of 7.

Sleep Patterns:
People mostly have two or three sleeping styles, and a mattress should be chosen keeping these patterns in mind. Depending on how much one moves at night while sleeping, a mattress should be chosen on the basis of flexibility and firmness.