Guide for buying tote handbags

Tote bags are the epitome of fashion handbags. From designer tote bags to more functional tote handbags, there’s always something for everyone.

Sometimes, buying the right tote handbag does not come easy. You can feel lost with the plethora of options laid out before you. The paradox of choice can make you return empty handed. If this sounds or feels familiar, you’ve come to the right place.

Great tote bags are practical, versatile and stylish. They don’t compromise form over function and offer the best of both worlds. Tote bags are not always expensive and you may be surprised to find that there is always a design that fits within your budget.

How do you buy the right tote bag? What should you look for when investing in your first tote? Our no-nonsense tote handbag buying guide will help you in all your queries.

Pick a color: Caramel brown, beige, navy blue and black are great color choices for buying your first designer tote bag. If you tend to spill food and end up with broken pens and pencils and material residue, consider getting a tote bag in black. If you are planning to go to the beach, pick a tote bag with brighter colors.

Think of use: Base your tote handbag buying decision around its use. Consider your age, environment, and lifestyle when shopping for a tote. If you’re a stay-at-home mom looking after your baby, you may want to get a diaper tote. If you spend a lot of time at the gym, you should consider buying a gym tote. Whether it is casual or serious use, thinking about form and function can help you invest in a better tote. It has ample space and is designed for carrying common essentials. The size and overall shape of the tote bag will depend on its use and the needs it has to cater to. The material that makes the tote bag is also a factor you must consider. Choose wisely.

Select the material: Durability and shelf life are two important considerations for new buyers in the realm of totes. Tote bags made of canvas generally last the longest when compared to bags made of other materials. These can be carried to the beach. For low maintenance totes, cotton totes can be great since they are machine-washable.

If you’d like to clean your tote by wiping with a cloth every day, getting a tote bag made of polypropylene can help. Finally, for luxury totes, leather has a sleek, polished look and can also be wiped clean.