Great places to have buffalo burgers

The classic American buffalo meat is a must-try for every foodie who worships red meat. The buffalo meat is succulent and slightly sweeter than beef. It is rich in proteins, nutrients and low in fats. If you are planning to unravel the scrumptious universe of bison meat, you should start off by trying a buffalo burger.
As buffalo meat is still emerging in the culinary arena, finding the best buffalo burger joint isn’t an easy task. But don’t fret, here are three of the most popular places where you can devour the super delightful buffalo burgers.

Ted Montana Grill
Ted Montana Grill has been a popular buffalo joint for over a decade. It is spread over 17 states and has around 45 restaurants. This food entity has an amazing range of buffalo burgers. George’s Cadillac, Montana Breakfast, No.11, Avalon, Bacon Cheeseburger, Blue Creek, etc. are some of the most popular burgers from Ted’s Menu. These burgers are also available with the beef variant. Apart from burgers they have many other buffalo meat dishes. You can peruse through their website to know more about the menu and locations.

The Buckhorn Exchange
Nestled in the city of Denver, Colorado, The Buckhorn Exchange is not only a well-known joint for great American food but also happens to be the oldest restaurant in the city. The restaurant is quite famous for its mouth-watering assortment of buffalo burgers. Mexican, Smokehouse, Big Bleu, Canadian, etc. are some of the wonderful burgers available at the restaurant. Apart from the buffalo meat, they have an interesting selection of appetizers, mains and desserts. They also have an elaborate menu for children and a great variety of wines to offer.

No Name Saloon
No Name Saloon in Park City, Utah is one of the ultimate bar and grill destination. Its rustic and unconventional ambience serves as a great break from the usual dining experience. Comprising of an amazing menu of appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, tacos, etc. No Name Saloon is quite popular for its juicy, and luscious buffalo burgers. Saloon, No Name, Bacon Bleu Cheeseburger, Barbeque Cheese Burger, Sliders with various combinations are some of their best buffalo burgers. Along with these scrumptious bison burgers you can have sides of fries, onion rings or salads.
Apart from flavorful buffalo burgers, you can find steaks, sandwiches, pizzas, barbequed ribs, kabobs, etc. made from the buffalo meat. You can research online to narrow down restaurants near you serving buffalo meat recipes.