Great ideas for baby shower favors

Baby showers are a great way to shower love on an expecting mother, wish her well and make her feel special. It is a union of happy friends and family members who join the mother to celebrate her new journey, which is about to begin. And that is why, baby shower is an age old tradition celebrated all over the world. It involves well-wishers sharing helpful tips with the mom-to-be as well, while they gift her things she loves or can use. Nowadays though, this tradition has become very fashionable and is celebrated in different ways.

Since guests bring gifts for the expecting mother, it is also a wonderful gesture on her part, if she has return gifts or baby shower favors on her hand. It is also considered as the token of gratitude for those who made some time to visit, give love, support and bless the new mother. It can be in the form of just a return gift or prizes for games conducted during the celebration.

Now comes the hardest part of choosing the baby shower favors or return gifts. There is of course a wide variety available to cater to everyone’s budget.
• Baby shower favors can have a theme base, or gender base (if gender of the baby is known before pregnancy), season based, color based, etc. There are even some exciting DIY (Do It Yourself) baby shower favors. There exists a big market that works in designing, customizing, distributing personalized gifts according to their customer’s needs and budget. The products might include candies, jars, cookies, chocolate boxes, cakes, stationary gifts, accessories, garments, baby products, toilet requirements etc.
• In most places, baby showers are female-exclusive celebrations including only the mother and her female pals. In that case, favors can go all girly. Sometimes baby shower is thrown to both the new parents; hence both the male and female friends are invited.
• Many online businesses have flourished recently since they facilitate organizing the baby shower party. They have umpteen packages that include personalizing stuff right from invitation, stage decoration, cakes, games and favors. They provide variety of gifts that tickles the creativity bone.
Has your mind already started planning an awesome, unique baby shower favor?! Then let your creativity flow and decide on what your heart wants.